Baked Feta

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img_3361There’s no turning back. Spring is here and I’m excited that the days are getting longer, the  sun now warms my back, birds chirping, buds on trees are forming.

Although Canadians will grill even in the coldest months, we’re now upon outdoor grilling season and it won’t be too long before we’re eating outdoors.

This next dish is perfect for an outdoor gathering of family & friends. It’s a little early for local tomatoes but I found some sweet Roma tomatoes at the market. It’s been a long winter.

Baked Feta cheese…ever had it? If not – you should. This is a simple dish that’s hard to screw up. Just follow a few pointers for this meze and you’ll be offering this Greek taverna classic often.img_3188

First, although Feta is considered a soft cheese, it can also be found in a sem-hard form. You want to use a firmer Feta for this appetizer. Something that will stand up to the heat.

Use a sweet, slightly over-ripe tomato. The Feta cheese will only bake for 20 minutes…you don’t have that much time to concentrate the tomato’s flavour.

img_3360Finally, you may choose to place your slab of Feta in aluminum foil or a small earthenware vessel that’s covered in foil. Either way works.

There are many versions of Baked Feta out there, it’s a liberal recipe where you can dress it with tomato and oregano, choose another herb of your choice or even venture into combining savory with sweet. This version is similar to a Baked Feta I enjoyed last summer while on the island of Sifnos and my only addition was to add some Boukovo (Greek chilli flakes) into the mix.

Baked Feta (Φέτα ψητή)img_3352-1

(makes for one appetizer)

1 slab of Feta cheese (choose a firmer Feta, 4″X4″ X1″)

1 ripe roma tomato, cut into slices

thinly sliced rings of banana or cubanelle pepper (or other sweet pepper)

extra-virgin olive oil

chilli-flakes (Boukovo)

Pre-heated 400F ovenimg_3362

  1. Take a large piece of aluminum foil (say 12″X12″) and place on your counter-top. Ensure the shiny side of the foil is visible (face up, facing into the contents of the packet). Drizzle the center of the foil with olive oil and place the slab of Feta on top.
  2. Using a wooden spoon, place it parallel to your tomato and cut your thin slices of tomato. The wooden spoon will prevent the knife from cutting right through your tomato, slicing it while keeping it in tact.
  3. Place the tomato on top of the Feta and then carefully place a slice of green pepper between each tomato slice.
  4. Drizzle with more olive oil, sprinkle with some chilli flakes and some dried Greek oregano.
  5. Seal the cheese packet well with your foil and place on a small baking dish (in case of any leakage). Place in your pre-heated oven for 20 minutes. If using an outdoor grill, preheat and place the cheese packet to one side of the grill, using indirect heat (cheese on the side with no heat underneath).
  6. Carefully remove the Feta packet and open up with a knife or scissors and serve with warm crusty bread.

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64 Comments for “Baked Feta”


Amazing, this actually look quite appetizing. I love the roasted pepper too. I am sure this also give the feta a very nice bite to it.


That’s a very interesting recipe! I’ll have to try making baked feta… I bet it tastes delicious!




Baked feta is just the best!
I love your version with the pepper and chili flakes. I’ve only ever seen it done with tomato, onions and garlic.
I could eat that right now at 7am it looks so good……Ooooh I can not wait to go to Greece again!
Great pictures too Peter.


This sounds so simple! WOuld it be totally out of the spirit to use some pickled jalapenos instead of the fresh pepper? I can imagine that bite with the creamy salty cheese.


I want to reach into my computer with a piece of bread and scoop this up. It looks beautiful and you know it’s going to taste wonderful just looking at it. I love the flavor or baked tomatoes, so the combination couldn’t be better.


I like this a lot Peter. I always seem to have so much Feta left over when I make spanikopita. This is a great way to use up some of the extra!


This looks absolutely amazing. I’m going camping in Alaska soon and have been looking for dishes that I can do over a campfire grill. This is perfect! I love the addition of the peppers too. Thanks, Peter!


I. Love. Feta.

At first I looked at that slab of feta and thought, “Serves 1? Seriously?” But then I got realistic. If I was eating it, then yes: it would serve ONE. Mmmmm.


I have never had baked feta.. But seeing the pics I can imagine how wonderful it’s gonna be.. with the peppers & herbs infusing their flavors in it!


WOW that is one great looking dish! I can’t believed I lived this long and never had baked feta. This must be rectified! LOL


Looks great!
I have been cooking a lot with feta since the thaw. Greek flavours are the best for grilling!
Where would I find firm feta?


I’ve never heard of this before, but it looks incredible. I need to get my hands on some good feta to try this out


I am so game for trying this. I bet there are so many combinations of veggies and hebs that could be added to the feta to change up the flavoring.


Feta has been popping up in a lot of recipes I have seen lately. Think it is a sign I must go buy more…..

Looks awesome!


This is so beautiful! My hubby talks about eating something like this when he was in Greece. I love the wooden spoon trick with slicing the tomatoes. I’ve never seen good quality feta before. Is there a way to firm up the softer kind? Kind of like straining yogurt to get Greek yogurt?


Damn, I don’t happen to have any feta on hand just now and dinner is planned. I wish I was having this for dinner :)


Canadians sound like San Franciscans. We’ll grill in any weather, too. Although, we usually only have to cope with fog, drizzle, and rain — not snow like you guys. ;)



This is a delicious delicacy. You can enjoy it with a great bottle of wine and a Greek salad. Peter is a master on what he prepares and shares with us. I have tried many of his dishes and he is truly the best chef in North America!!! Peter do not stop posting your recipes and you beat out any Emiril and Iron Chef!!!!
One of a kind indeed!!! Forever greatful!!! Vickie….


Oh, I meant to ask if that cheese is stamped in some way! It almost looks like hieroglyphic type of markings in that one photo!






This looks delicious. My hubby and I just started phase I of the South Beach and we’re looking for some tasty dishes to keep us satisfied. ; ) Can’t wait to try it.