Greek Style Roasted Chicken

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One my favourite Greek dishes is a roasted chicken. Greeks will often have chicken served with rice, orzo or as in this instance, potatoes.

We are fond of one-pot meals or a complete meal in a roasting pan. A Greek roasted chicken has classic flavours….dried oregano, salt and pepper, olive oil and lots of fresh lemon juice.

I normally eat chicken at least once a week and I never tire of these flavours. What you have here is a roasting chicken on a bed of potatoes that suck up lemon, oil and chicken juices. How “nostimo” is that?

One final thought on chicken…if you’re with family or good friends, don’t be afraid to eat chicken with your hands. I just know that Colonel Sanders got the idea of “finger lickin’ good” from long ago from having eaten roast Greek chicken!

Greek Style Roasted Chicken

1 – 2 1/2 to 3 lbs chicken
olive oil oil

1 whole lemon (quartered)

garlic powder

and pepper
dried oregano
1 clove of garlic
couple of sprigs of
chopped fresh parsley
4 – 6 Yukon Gold potatoes, peeled and quartered lengthwise

2 Tbsp. plain yellow mustard

1/2 cup water

Preheat your oven to 375F

  1. Spread your potatoes onto the bottom of your roasting pan. Drizzle some olive oil, add mustard and season with salt, pepper and some dried oregano and squeeze the juice of 1/2 lemon and add the water. Toss to throughly coat and reserve.
  2. Rinse and pat dry your bird. Insert into the cavity the garlic, sprigs of thyme, parsley and 1/4 of a lemon.
  3. Rub your chicken with olive oil, squeeze the juice of the remaining 1/4 lemon and season all over with salt, pepper, garlic powder, fresh thyme and dried oregano.
  4. Place your bird onto the bed of potatoes and roast for approx. 90 minutes or until the juices of the bird run clear (internal temp. of 180F).
  5. When your chicken is cooked, let it rest on serving dish for 15 minutes. Give the potatoes a good stir with a large spoon to coat the potatoes well with the sauce.

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Peter Minakis

. All rights reserved.

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19 Comments for “Greek Style Roasted Chicken”



Good morning! You get up really early!!! Never tired of looking at your fantabulous pictures/recipes. This chicken is saying EAT ME!



This looks wonderful! I am into roasting chickens now and am looking for new ways to do it. This will be on the menu for Sunday. Beautiful bird, Peter! :)

Bellini Valli


I think I have a discvovered a Greek secret…you add mustard to your potatoes. Maybe that is why they always have that golden yellow colour. Sheesh.This chicken and potato dish will definitely be showing up at my dinner tabel!! Yammas!!!



Hi Peter,
I wanted to make the butternut squash recipe that you posted around Thanksgiving and I noticed that you halved the recipe..what size of pan did you use and did you find it was enough? I read the original recipe and the quantities of ingredients seem like a lot!
Thanks, Kimberley in T.O. :)



Wow!! This chicken looks great, just the way I like , golden and with herbs,next time that I make chicken roasted, I certainly use this recipe



Kota me patates!!! Ohhhhh, my absolute FAVORITE! I was telling my friends today that I can’t wait to get home so I can have this for the holidays. Yum yum yum!
Yours looks SOOOO good, I want to jump through the screen!!!
Don’t forget the fratzola for dipping!!! :D



Okay, here’s how I’ve been looking at this post. With the laptop pushed back on the desk and both my hands cradling my face and a look of food-lust on my face (lol) I am going to make roast chicken today. :)



Roast chicken is massive here in the UK I will have to try it Greek style sometime it sure does look good!

I agree also that there is no point in being snooty when you are eating with your family , food is there to enjoy and we are all lucky to be eating it. So why not eat with your hands. :)



I’m trying this for our lunner today.
Lunner is our way of combining lunch and dinner :)