To say Peter Minaki knows Greek food is like saying Canada is largish. His passion and knowledge regarding Greek culinary traditions, ingredients and dishes is apparent in everything he makes. From the recipes in his cookbooks to the beautifully curated meals he arranges monthly in his regional Greek Supper Clubs, Peter does it all with heart and a whole lot of Opa! This is food you can’t find on the Danforth. This is food you’ll want to eat over and over again, with a bottle of that golden Greek olive oil at the ready and a glass of beautiful Greek wine that Peter’s also found, just for the occasion.

Finally, this is food that stays on your mind and in your memory’s palate bank, long after it’s been enjoyed. Mary Luz Mejia


Attending one of Peter’s dinners is like visiting family. Close your eyes and you are carried away to distant villages and cities in Greece, each with their distinct culinary treats. Peter weaves the cuisine of each of his focus areas into an edible tapestry. He provides the food, fun, and philoxenia of Greece wherever he hosts his dinners. Each diner comes a stranger and leaves a friend. This is Peter’s mastery of the Greek flair for hospitality. If you have the opportunity makes sure to take in a Kalofagas event. Frank Kakouros


It was GRRRRREAT as Tony the Tiger would say. Fresh, Fantastic, and Fabulous!!!!!!!Wanted more. Dinner at Restaurant Su. Katerina Delfakis of Montreal


Peter serves the Greek food I grew up on.  He manages to make it better tasting than ever. The wine pairings are also expertly done. Lewis Baios


I have been attending Peter Minakis’ unique dinners since Greek Supper Club began.  His original spin on traditional Greek ingredients and flavours keeps his diners amazed and amused.  Minakis has a flair for finding delightful and different venues for his dinners making his events a tour of Toronto as well as a tour of Greek regional cuisine.  His diners are interesting and interested foodies and the conversation is lively and entertaining.  Meeting new people is another highlight of these events.  Whether you are a philhellene or not, these events offer great food, fun and fantastic settings.  Sign up now! Aspassia Dassios


Once again I would like to thank you for the exceptional dinner you prepared for our school event. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the food and the presentation was beautiful! We are looking forward to having you prepare dinner again at our future events. Anna Saradidis Principal, MSOG


 I have had the pleasure of attending several Greek supper clubs hosted by Kalofagas aka Chef Peter Minaki and I am never left disappointed, the menu is always fresh, tasty, and exciting with excellent matching wines as well. The guests are always enthusiastic and pleased by the offerings and the atmosphere is electric. Chef Peter always makes his guests feel at home with his menu creations representing all regions of Greece. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for authentic Greek cuisine. George Gianakopoulos 


I fly up from Washington, DC two or three times a year to attend Peter’s Greek Supper Club. Kirstyn Kravolec


Peter Minaki creates a European Bistro ambiance with his Greek Supper Clubs. Once seated with friends and family one experiences superb cuisine and wine with informative explanations for each course and wine pairing. Courses selected reflect each region of Greece accurately as well as the season for which it has been prepared. Little treats and surprises add an element of fun for all! Looking forward to my next “European Escape” in Toronto! Helene Arvanitis


I always look forward to your Greek dinners with great anticipation. Not only are you the perfect, warm and jovial host but also a marvellous cook. Your menus are beautifully composed, generous, and always offer memorable new taste treats.

Keep on cooking! Russ Herman


“Opa! My husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed many of the delicious meals prepared by  Peter Minaki of Kalofagas over the past 3 years. He does an outstanding job to create several courses of original Greek cuisine with professional wine pairings; meals that are both culturally inspiring and gastronomically outstanding. I especially love how he seeks out interesting venues, we get to meet lots of interesting people who appreciate great food around Toronto.” Gianna Mazzolin Dassios


Peter catered a private party for 50 hungry colleagues.  The food and wine pairings were delicious.  The only thing missing from this amazing Mediterranean experience was the sea. I whole heartedly recommend Peter and his team for any occasion large or small. JulesB.Bloch Mediation/Arbitration Inc.


Me and my husband have attended dinners hosted by Kalofagas Greek Supper Club and we were truly impressed with how Peter brought the flavours of Greece to our Canadian palate.  He took the time to explain his menu to his guests and his passion for food is extremely profound. Simply put, his food is delicious and you want more !

Georgia and Demetre Pelegris


When we decided to host a pop-up Mediterranean restaurant for our best clients, our choice for chef was clear: Peter Minaki!  Peter is quick becoming the de-facto go-to guru of Hellenic cuisine.  If you want to eat like a chic Greek, you’ll need to attend one of his popular supper clubs (they sell out fast…)! Joe Ferri & Pecinka Ferri 


We have attended Peter’s Kalofagas events and each is a unique experience.  The spectacular food, wine pairing and ambience makes them truly unforgetable and the perfect occason to be with your family and friends.  The delicious dishes and wine keep coming and never stop!  We can’t wait until the next one, it is the best  way to enjoy a night out to dinner. Paul and Helen Christou


Just wanted to thank you and your staff for a wonderful night. You were both superstars and made a great chef even greater with your amazing professionalism and service. Tom Maras
“Beyond the fantastic and authentic food that was reminiscent of our
travels in Greece, Peter created an entertaining evening preparing,
introducing, and plating each dish with showmanship. I’m looking forward to
finding another excuse for a party with Peter”
Adam Zitney
Peter Minaki infuses his supper club events with insight, fun, professionalism and passion! He always cooks to impress! 
 Jacqueline Sallas-Syrett
Peter’s cooking class was fun and informative.  I came alone but felt very welcomed and comfortable.  The recipes are accessible to everyone from a baking beginner to an experienced cook.  I will cherish the recipes and include them in our family traditions.
 Despina Kampanis
I also want to thank you for your awesome tsoureki recipe..it brought a tear to my mom’s eye to see the bounty…they turned out gorgeous..better than bakery..i earned my moms respect.
 Joanna Khushaba

My sisters and I attended a few of Peter’s dinners. We never knew that Greek food can be so delicious! All of the Greek food we tasted was on the Danforth but now I can see that the food on the Danforth does not reflect the real food of Greece. We loved Peter’s food so much that we decided to have him cater our family Easter lunch. He made the Kebapia Florinis (so tender); Prassopita with Greek feta, leeks and hand-opened phyllo (who knew phyllo can be so flaky); braised short ribs (so tender); roasted lamb shoulder (fell off the bone moist); roast potatoes (so tasty) and threw in a beet salad (with the beet greens – yummy). Peter also made the touloumbes topped with honey yogurt – so delish!My sisters and I will continue to attend Peter’s dinners and will definitely have our family dinner parties catered by Peter. We have been looking for a great caterer for quite a while and now we’ve found one!Maria Perri Congiusti


 Peter cooked for a hungry crowd at our home.  My guests are still raving over how delicious the food was.  Not only was the food absolutely amazing but Peter himself was a pleasure to hang out with throughout the evening. Overall a wonderful experience and we can’t wait to have him back for another event! Margarita Sferra
The Hellenic Canadian Lawyers’ Association is always looking for new and exciting venues to host our annual President’s Dinner. This year when we thought about where to hold our event, our President suggested partnering with Chef Minaki, and we are very happy that we did. From our first phone call planning the event through to plating each dish with attention to detail and focused expertise, Chef Minaki created a warm and delicious experience for our members.
Our members have told us that they had an excellent evening, not just because of the meal – which was superb – but also because of Chef Minaki’s welcoming and outgoing personality. His dedication to his craft created an atmosphere that kept the conversation (and the wine) flowing throughout the evening. If you have an opportunity to attend one of Chef Minaki’s events, take it! On behalf of the HCLA, we would like to thank Chef Minaki and his staff for creating an excellent event. Stephanie Voudouris on behalf of the Hellenic Canadian Lawyers’ Association