Phyllo Pies For Sale!

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This is one of the most exciting moments since this blog first began back in May of 2007. After many hours of learning the craft of making homemade phyllo, I am confident enough to be able to make it on my own with consistency and some degree of speed. I am indebted to y Mother who taught me this craft, art, technique which is not made by hand less and less as the years march on.

I am now selling Spanakopita (spinach and cheese), Tyropita (cheese) pitas, all made with hand-made, opened/stretched phyllo. The Spanakopita’s filling is made of spinach, Feta and ricotta cheeses, eggs, salt, pepper, scallions and fresh dill.

The Tyropita contains Feta and ricotta cheeses, eggs, salt and pepper and it is available in both rectangular and round trays. The round Tyropita is what us northern Greeks call a Boureki and it’s also called a Strifti pita. In English i is known as a spiral pie.

A new addition to my phyllo pie roster are Pastourmadopita. This special pie contains slices of Pastourma, tomatoes, Bechamel and Kefalograviera cheese.IMG_7647

I am also offering a sweet Bougatsa…a Greek breakfast and snack offering. Adults and kids will indulge in Bougatsa in the morning be it in the store where it’s made or taken “paketo” with them. My Bougatsa is made just like in Greece with hand-made phyllo, semolina cream filling and baked until golden and flaky. All you have to is cut it into fork-sized pieces, sprinkle with icing sugar and cinnamon and enjoy with a Greek coffee, frappe or chocolate milk!


The large pies are 16″ X 11″ and sell for $50.00 and the small pies are 11″ X 8″ and sell for $35.00. The Spiral pies come in large and small sizes and again, $50 and $35 respectively. They are made and frozen in foil pans and you may either that overnight in the fridge before baking or bake from frozen (takes longer to bake).

These phyllo pies are great for entertaining, serve as part of a light lunch or dinner with a salad or soup and they always go over well at parties (they are the first to go).

Orders may be placed my emailing me at truenorth67 AT, pick-up only (for now). Cash and paypal are accepted (firm).

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30 Comments for “Phyllo Pies For Sale!”


Don’t I wish I lived close enough to buy one of these! OMG they look divine. I can’t imagine making my own phyllo dough! ever! My mother never made it either. :)

Ange Kenos, Australia (ex Tsamandas, Epirus)


I learned how to make phyllo from my yia yia when I was a young boy. It is not that hard, just takes effort. But re these products, where I live there are two companies making and selling similar items via continental delicatessens. So Peter, expand. Franchise. You have the talent needed



If we can purchase Ouzo in Melbourne Australia from Greece,and prepacked sweets from Turkey,surely there must be a way to purchase all those goodies from you downunder,
With one of the largest population of Greek (origin) migrants,I hope the marketing gurus in your department come up with something to please us.I do not want to know what a pastry product is made up of ,i want to taste it,smell it,enjoy it.
Ante re pedia kanete kati.


I am honestly, truly, so sad and despondent , that I don’t live nearby!! Congrats on your new endeavor Peter- my hat is off to you! Hugs!


Just another reason why I need to still live in the Toronto area Peter. If I didn’t love the mountains and vineyards so much I would be back eating film pies. Good for you for mastering the technique.


Oooooooooooooo!!!! Ti orea nea einai auta! Pites ftiagmenes me spitiko fullo, me meraki kai kefi! Mpravo Peter!! Ax, eisai stin alli akri tou kosmou kai den mporw na dokimasw! An er8eis pros A8ina meria enimerwse mas ok? Kali epituxia euxomai!


Oh Peter – These are so deliciously tempting, you’re going to be sold out immediately and make a great success of this. If I lived closer, I’d be there in a flash.


Wow Peter, wish I lived within driving distance.
That is one beautiful art to have mastered.
Best wishes for super success with your business.


Wish you lived in Beirut and I would order them right away! There is an Armenian who makes some, but they are no where near these. Wishing you lots of success in this exciting endeavor!

Donna Young


These look incredible–I am drooling, Peter! Good luck with your new venture, I am sure you will be successful because they look awesome! Wish I lived closer!

Mary Dailey


You mean someone still makes their own phyllo???? My grandmother did before the commercial phyllo came out. She would put a clean sheet on the bed and she had a broomstick she used only for that purpose and started rolling it out until you could read a newspaper through it. Then, she had to cut into 13 X 9 pieces. No wonder the lovely Greek ladies only served you a few pieces of their delectable pastries. I don’t ever remember any of them putting down a big platter of them because they would disappear too fast after all their hard work. I don’t make my own phyllo and it still takes a very long time to make the Greek goodies, but it’s all worth it.

Katina Pagourtzis



I wanted to know if you were able to ship these to Texas. Please let me know because it’s all I can think about.

Thank you,



I will have to order it for my daughters b day in may ! As I want to do something different for her
then our regular south american ,Chinese or Italian which we usually have .All the food looks fab


Congratulations Peter, you are an amazing cook! I would love to watch you make that beautiful phyllo, what an art! I would order that tyropita in a heartbeat!