Making Bread & Beyond Class

10888719_10155081006175553_8937355460336269538_nYou too can make artisan bread like the ones you see at the bakeries. We’re in for afternoon of sticky hands, dusty aprons and delicious breads.

Join me on Sunday, March 15th for at Aphrodite Cooks Cooking studio, where you will learn the basics of making bread dough and:

  • learn how to make various bread shapes
  • use the same master dough recipe to make pizza and flat breads
  • make your own pita bread
  • learn how to make pull-apart buns (Tyropsomo)

Samples of each of the creations will be offered and refreshments will be served through the duration of the class.

*Class limited to 20 spots

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Peter Minakis

. All rights reserved.

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