Ta Karamanlidika tou Fani

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IMG_7670Ta Karamanlidika tou Fani http://karamanlidika.gr/ +30 21 0325 4184

Where: the corner of Sokratous 1 and Evripidou 52, Athens (Athens      Central Market District) http://karamanlidika.gr/contact/

The Food: Primarily a shop with cheeses and charcuterie but there are some tables where you can sit with your friends/parea and enjoy Greek mezedes in the Karamanlidika style (Greeks of Asia Minor).

You have to try an array of Pastourma, Kavourmasa, their Sardinella is one of the best cold cuts I’ve had in years, love that they have cheeses from all over Greece, housemade dolmades, my fave…Karamanlidika loukanika (sausages) and pastourma phyllo cigars. The shop is affiliated with well-known pastourma and charcuterie-maker, Sary.

The Drinks: You can choose from an array of Ouzo, Greek grappa, wines and beer to help you wash down your meze.

The Setting: “Fani’s” place is located among the shops that surround the Athens Central Market (Varvakeios). The shop is located in an old (recently refurbished) building that fits right it with the spice and other food purveyors selling their goods in this exciting part of town.

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2 Comments for “Ta Karamanlidika tou Fani”


Καλησπέρα, σήμερα πήγαμε να ψωνίσουμε, είχε πολύ κόσμο που ψώνιζε όπως επίσης είχε πολύ κόσμο που έτρωγε.
Χρόνια Πολλά και καλές γιορτές!!



Thank you for all your articles, although making me homesick. My visit last year took me fr Athens, Nea Smyrni was my flat, Pylos in Peloponessos to Pelion for a 5 week visit. Unable to go this year, I look forward to your articles. I don’t know what Green Grappa