Greek Food Gazette 16/11/2014

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Thessaloniki at night

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Peter Minakis

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2 Comments for “Greek Food Gazette 16/11/2014”


Peter I read your column and I applaud your efforts.
In this case I have a vastly different opinion.
There is no Greek restaurant in the top 25, 2,500, 25,000 and so on in the word.
Trip Advisor, that I contribute to, is a source of information but it is mostly a family and friends support forum for a business.
Greek food is glorious for it’s simplicity, not gourmet, that coupled with the weather elements and the great surroundings translate into memorable life’s stories.
My Father’s, and thousands of others, kokoretsi, paithakia, htapothi and so on was par excellence every time with nothing better in the world, but it was simple.
Γιαννης Παναγιωτοπουλος
Ps: I owned and operated 38 restaurants, several of them 4 stars, supermarkets, food distribution companies, a major Artisan wholesale bakery in the East Coast. I travel a lot and among the people I shared a table with are some that you will know off: Paul Bocuse, Julia Child, Lionel Poilane and many more… so I do have a decent and credible food knowledge and taste.


Gianni, thank you for your comment and it is true, Greek cuisine really shines when it is seasonal, simple and plated without pretense. I am happy that Greek restaurants are being recognized and not just for offering the cliched usual Greektown fare.