Paprika-Crusted Haddock Loin With Vlita

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IMG_6021I love summers and I’m not the type to take it for granted  – I like spending time outdoors. That means doing as little as possible indoors and that includes cooking. The obvious thing to do is entertain outside and that includes grilling but this post isn’t for your grill-master but rather, those who fear the grill or do not have one.

This quick, delicious and pretty plate is ready in minutes, giving you lots of time with your friends/guests rather than in a hot kitchen. Hear, I am using haddock loins but you could use any other white fleshed fish that you like.

The treatment of the fish is simple – room temperature butter, salt, pepper and sweet paprika for a subtle red pepper colour and brilliant red presentation. I serve these on a bed of boiled Vlita, which you can obviously make ahead of time.

Fish and boiled greens (vlita) are a natural pair and this dish is quick, simple and of course, delicious!IMG_6010

Paprika-Crusted Haddock Loin With Vlita

(serves 4)

4 haddock loins (or other white fleshed fish, skinless)

3 Tbsp. unsalted butter

2 tsp. fine sea salt

3/4 tsp ground black pepper

2 Tbsp. sweet paprika

2 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil

  1. Gently rub the butter all over the fish, season with salt and pepper then sprinkle the paprika all over the fish.
  2. Place a non-stick skillet on your stovetop over medium-high heat and once hot, add the olive oil and fish. Saute on each side for about a minute (total of 3-4 minutes) and carefully remove from the pan with a spatula.
  3. Serve on a bed of boiled vlita/greens and grilled lemon for garnish. A chilled Gerovassiliou Malagouzia would complement this dish nicely.


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