Spinach and Feta Flutes Made With Sliced Bread

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IMG_4098-001Growing up in the west (Canada), many of us took for granted the convenience product known as sliced bread. The rest of the world does not necessarily have sliced bread. In Greece, it was introduced to the market when the country was opened up to European Union products on its supermarket shelves.

Today, sliced bread is also used in Greece for making sandwiches, “tost” (like a panino sandwich) and new favourite among many Greeks – a club sandwich (Greeks now love mayo).

A couple of weeks ago I watched a video from Justin Chapple, who offers up net cooking hacks and tips. This one featured sliced bread and how to use it to make Spring Rolls. I am not asking any of you to rush out and buy loaves of sliced bread but if you have some slices leftover – here’s an idea.

Make cigar appetizers or flutes (in Greece they call them “flogeres”. Sliced bread isn’t traditional Greek fare but it exists in our homes. What is very Greek is to waste nothing, use up leftovers and in this instance, you may have some leftover cheese filling or spinach and cheese filling. You may have leftover sheets of phyllo or…sliced bread. Go on, I know you want to try this!IMG_4097

Spinach and Feta Flutes Made With Sliced Bread

(appetizer for 4)

8 slices of white bread

approx. 1/2 cup of spinach and Feta filling

a little water (or eggwash)

sunflower oil for frying

  1. All you have to do is stack your slices of bread and use a sharp knife to cut away the crusts. Next, use a rolling pin to flatten out the slices.
  2. Place your filling of choice in the middle and simply dab the edges with water (or eggwash if you’re skeptical).
  3. Roll-up the bread slices, use a fork to crimp and close the ends, preheat about an inch of sunflower oil in a deep pot or deep fryer.
  4. Fry for a couple of minutes our until just golden, reserve on a paper-lined plate, serve as a appetizer, snack for the kids or as a side/garnish with a bowl of soup.

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