Estiatorio Milos in Athens

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IMG_2247Surely, one of the best meals I had last year had to be when I dined at Estiatorio Milos, located in the Athens Hilton. Centrally located (every cabbie knows where the Hilton is), you can get to this place with little trouble and you’ll be rewarded with a Greek dinner, par excellence.IMG_2245

Estiatorio Milos has a Canadian connection as it got its beginnings with the original being opened in Montreal (still operating on Parc Avenue) and since then, proprietor Costas Spiliadis has now opened Milos in New York, Miami, Las Vegas and as our waiter whispered, “soon London”.

When one dines at Milos, you’re not going to get Feta foam or any sort of molecular gastronomy but rather traditionally cooked Greek food with some modern twists and the odd foreign ingredient or dish in the mix. Food prepared simply, executed professionally (with panache) and using mostly local and seasonal ingredients.IMG_2234

Upon walking into Milos, you will see a display of fresh fish and seafood and a raw seafood bar with array of shellfish just waiting to be shucked. Although Milos did not invent this display they perfected it and it’s a facet of the Greek restaurant that many have copied (some with success, others not so much).IMG_2238

On the evening that I dined at Milos, I was lucky to still be able to take advantage of their prix-fixe summer menu which was fish and seafood based.  When you visit Milos’ website, make sure you click on the correct location and peruse the menu. Milos strives to source the best and freshest ingredients and this often comes at a cost. It’s a splurge to dine at Milos but it is worth it.

My evening began with warm country bread and bottle of olive oil arriving at the table.IMG_2248

The first course was a thinly sliced raw lavraki and chopped salmon carpaccio – both seasoned salt, cured in citrus and dressed lightly with olive oil and herbs.IMG_2250

Next course was the Greek salad (no lettuce please) served with ripe summer tomatoes, green peppers, red onions, olives, sea salt, Greek olive oil, dried Greek oregano, barrel-aged Feta and some purslane as a garnish.IMG_2264

Next up, octopus. Tender and grilled to perfection on a bed of split pea ‘fava’ from Santorini, minced shallots, olive oil oil.IMG_2260

Another grilled dish – cuttlefish that is then thinly sliced, tossed in oil and lemon juice, parlsey and dried Greek oregano.IMG_2259

Now for the main course, whole grilled lavraki which is carted over to your table and butterflied, fileted and served with warm boiled greens.  The fish was grilled perfectly, warm greens tender – this dinner would only be topped if served seaside.IMG_2265

Dessert choice were Kaimaki ice cream or a housemade Baklava – both of which were a refreshing finish to the evening. The meal was washed down with a fabulous house white from the Papargyriou Winery.IMG_2268


Milos Athens is located at Vas. Sofias 46 Athens, 115 28 Greece. It’s open for lunch and dinner and it’s always a good idea to call ahead for reservations  +30.210.724.4400

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Scruptious…ALL of it. Can’t wait to go back to Athens! (Or Milos Island or …or…or…or…)
I did make my best baklava ever last month using the thinest phyllo and since moving and couldn’t find my auto chopping stuff…hand chopped all walnuts and pecans, adding thin orange rind and… oops!…almost told my secret ingredient …:) Used your previous idea and used leftover Baklava scooped into vest vanilla LWAYSice cream. THANK YOU Peter!