Eva’s Touloumbes

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IMG_3128More cooking adventures involving fried dough. Every cuisine has their version(s), everyone loves them and many deny themselves eating such pleausures. I’ve never been an advocate of making desserts lighter..does that mean I can three portion of the lighter version?

Desserts are desserts, they should be sweet, they should catch your eye, they should be fattening and yes, they should be delicious! Touloumbes fall into this category. No excuses, no clever Mediterranean diet postitive side effects here. These are made of a choux dough (flour, eggs, oil) and fried until golden then allowed to steep in a honey-syrup spiked with whole cloves.IMG_8664

The first time I tried Touloumbes were in Thessaloniki, Greece. Practically all the patisseries offer them and most people buy them, offer them as part of an array treats to a hostess. This recipe comes courtesy of a faimily friend, kuria (Mrs.) Eva Avramis. Hands down…the best Touloumbes I’ve ever tasted!

Equipment-wise, you will need a medium sized pot to make the choux in, a larger pot or wok to fry the Touloumbes, another medium pot to make the syrup and a wire rack to set the syruped Touloumbes on (and a tray underneath to catch and harvest leftover syrup).IMG_5983

For the Touloumbes recipe and more, please purchase my Everything Mediterranean cookbook.

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