Greek Salad on a Stick

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IMG_8859I recently had the pleasure of catering an evening of Greek & Mediterranean nibbles on the occasion of a client’s 50 birthday. I was instructed to make appetizers, perfect for people who want to stand and mingle or sit and chat.

The challenge with a small bite menu is that there are usually twice the amount of menu items, the food has to roll out as the waves of crowds join the party through the night and the food has to be fresh and delicious.blogpics

When entertaining, one also has to be considerate of allergies, dietary needs and to simply satisfy an array of tastes. My menus are diverse in that there are hot and cold dishes, fish/seafood and meat, vegetarian options and some desserts/treats.

One of the simplest and impressive offerings is this Greek salad on a stick. A proper Horiatiki Salad (Village in Greek) consists of Feta, cucumbers, red onions, peppers, tomato and a Kalamata olive.

You may choose to serve them standing upright or on a platter – both ready for the taking. Whip up a dressing of extra-virgin olive oil (wine vinegar optional), some dried Greek oregano and drizzle on your salad on a stick.IMG_8857

I recommend using a firm Feta cheese that won’t split when your skewer it and use it as your base. Pick out a fancy cocktail skewer and begin with a Kalamata olive on top, followed by a cherry tomato, pepper of choice, red onion, half-moon slice of cucumber and finally a cube of Feta.

You may be wondering…how does one eat it? You may want to grab your salad on a stick and remove the veggies onto your plate then nibble away at the salad (that’s what I do)!

Kali Orexi and happy entertaining!

Note: I love entertaining and I am available to cater a birthday party, anniversary, work function or family gathering. Email me at truenorth67 AT gmail Dot COM and we can create a menu suitable to your budget.

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