Kalofagas Lamb Ribs

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IMG_8230Ontario has always had high quality lamb and it’s a good thing. Greeks eat lamb for Sunday dinners, week days on occasion and of course, for Easter. Not everyone likes lamb but year by year more people are discovering this delicious meat that is versatile (oven or grill), not gamey at all and above all, delicious!

Not every butcher has these at hand but with a special request, he/she can prepare some lamb ribs for you. These are the top half of the rack that are usually sliced off when the butcher makes rack of lamb or chops. There’s still lots of meat on them and they make for a great finger lickin’ meze/appetizer.

Make sure the ribs are in tact as one rack and have any gristle removed by the butcher. Like lamb chops there is some fat on the riblets but most lamb chops have this…it’s a good thing!IMG_8203

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It baffles me that some people who like meat don’t like lamb! I don’t see what is not to love. Especially cooked like this so you can nibble all the meat off the bone.