Bulghur Salad With Nuts, Honey, Cheese, Pomegranate

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IMG_8026I made this salad this past Sunday for guests who attended my Ancient Greek Food & Wine dinner. The main ingredient here is bulghur wheat, an ancient ingredient made of cracked durum wheat, parboiled and then dried.

It gets sifted and then separated according to the size of the kernels. It’s a whole grain, super-healthy for you, makes for a fine alternative to pasta or rice and attention quinoa lovers…you’re gonna love bulghur wheat.

I’ve seen Greek applications for bulghur wheat in both warm and cold dishes and today we’re going to taste the latter. This salad is very easy to make, I suggest prepping the remaining ingredients while the bulghur wheat is boiling.

I like my bulghur wheat to be slightly al dente and I mix the ingredients while it’s still warm so that the olive oil and other ingredients and can sucked up my the bulghur. For this salad, I decided to keep the ingredients true to the ancient Greek theme and used pomegranate molasses and wine vinegar for acidity.

There were no lemons in ancient Greece but you may certainly add some lemon zest and a squeeze of lemon juice if you wish. Serve this as a starter or a side with some roast lamb or goat. IMG_8027

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This is amazing, Peter! It looks just beautiful, but the blend of textures and flavors is stunning! Lucky guests, but thanks for the recipe so we can now all make it!