Deipnon – Food & Wine of Ancient Greece Recap

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Last night my guests were taken on a culinary journey back in time, when ancient Greeks had no lemons, no citrus, no tomatoes, potatoes. eggplants or peppers! The cuisine was centered on olives, olive oil, grapes, wine, vinegar for acidity, grape must and honey for sweetness.

Lamb and goat were the meats of the day, some wild game and ancient grains and legues were the starches of the day. It is amazing to see that after all these years, one can still see cooking techniques, flavours from ago still being present in today’s Greek cuisine.

Thank you to all the guests who attended last night…some familiar faces and some new ones. Thank you to those (Kirstyn and Scott etal) who traveled from the United States to experience my Greek Supper Clubs.

A very special thanks to Panagiotis Tsiriotakis of Acropolis Organics for supplying my dinners with extra-virgin olive oil and Mousto-Balsamic vinegar.

Many thanks to Steve Kriaris of Kolonaki Group who brought and paired this dinner with wines made of ancient Greek grape varietals.

Thank you to Aphrodite Cooks studio for opening her kitchen and allowing me to host such wonderful events.

Thank you to our gracious servers Paula and Thurka…our guests adore you! Thanks to Aaron who is tireless on dish duty and last but not least, Paula Costa my girl, my sous and my number 1 fan!

Enjoy the slide show I have compiled below, recapping this wonderful back into Ancient Greek cuisine.


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