Cauliflower Stifado With Kale & Kalamata Olives

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IMG_7772You’ve indulged in rich foods over the holidays, perhaps some decadence in the diet? I have too! Now that we’re into January it’s time to look to the vast, delicious and healthy vegetarian Greek dishes that we call Ladera or “oiled”.

The cornerstone of Greek cookery is seasonal ingredients, quality olive oil and prepared in a simple manner that allows the ingredients to shine. Today’s focus is cauliflower, an old dish with its origins said to come from Cyprus, thus adopting the old French name “chou de Chypre” (Cyprus cabbage).

Cauliflower was also introduced to England in 1586 where it was called Cyprus cabbage or colewort. It is a vegetable you likely haven’t seen as most visitors to Cyprus and Greece are there in the summer time, when this is a winter time vegetable!

Here, I am adding cauliflower in a pot with potatoes and onions to make a stew or stifado in Greek. A stifado usually has lots of onions but I’ve toned it down a bit as I still want to taste the cauliflower. Your kitchen will come alive with the aromas of bay, rosemary, onions, Greek oregano and Kalamata olives. Olive oil is the conduit to bring the sauce together and the kale, iron rich kale offers colour and even more taste and health to your dish.

Load the plate, grab some crusty bread and enjoy this delicious, hearty and vegetarian Greek dish.IMG_7777

For the Cauliflower Stifado With Kale & Kalamata Olives (Κουνουπίδι Στιφάδο) recipe, please buy my Everything Mediterranean cookbook.


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13 Comments for “Cauliflower Stifado With Kale & Kalamata Olives”

Judith Greenwood


I shared this because it is so beautiful and I don’t even have to taste it to know it’s deliciious, too.


Looks delicious Peter. I, too, just made a vegetable stew with kale, artichokes and lentils which I plan to publish later this week. Meals like you really don’t miss the meat and a great for a change.


Peter, I made this yesterday. Absolutely to die for! Many thanks for a great recipe — and supper for the next few days;-) Every bit as delicious as it looks!!


Fantastic-looking. I can’t wait to try this tomorrow for lunch with some Lemon and Oregano Chicken.

I always find the best recipes on this site. Thank you so much!

Victoria Allman
author of: SEAsoned: A Chef’s Journey with Her Captain



Wow! I found this through my friend Donna Papacosta. What a delicious and satisfying stew. I made it Monday night avnd brought in leftovers for lunch today. A colleague saw me heating it up in the kitchen and asked for the recipe, which I came to this site to forward. I may sub white beans for the potatoes as a variation when I make it again – which will be soon.