Artichoke Soup With Greek Yogurt

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IMG_9836Another favourite vegetable of mine are artichokes. Ancient, Mediterranean, healthy and delicious. Although they can be a pain to clean (remove leaves), it’s more of a tedious task rather than a difficult one.IMG_7074

Regardless, I found a few parcels of artichokes at the market and used them to make a soup for this past Tuesday’s Greek Supper Club. This soup is creamy without the use of any cream (insert strained Greek yogurt) and thickened with potatoes and whizzed-up artichokes. Like any soup, the quality hinges on the products you use, I opt for real stock when making soups.

Beyond peeling/trimming artichokes and straining yogurt, this is a very easy soup to prepare and one that you and your guests will love. A good squeeze of lemon juice and the yogurt swirled in at the end complement the artichokes nicely.IMG_9838

For this Artichoke Soup (Αγκιναρόσουπα) recipe and more, please buy my Everything Mediterranean cookbook.



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