Recap: My Big Fat Greek Dinner With Reel Eats

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Just over  a week ago I cooked a meal for over 30 food and cinema enthusiasts organized by my friends at Real Eats. The evening’s theme was centered around the very popular comedy “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and I was given the pleasure of creating a menu that would pay homage to the movie. As the movie played in the background, my trusty “sous” and I prepared a dinner of Greek classics that both Greeks an philhellenes would both appreciate.

The dinner was prepared using Acropolis Organics olive oil and vinegars and the fabulous photos in this post were snapped by my friend Kyla Zanardi. The venue for the dinner was at the cooking studio at Aphrodite Cooks. Many thanks to the gang at Reel Eats, our servers Paula, Amanda and Sharan, our dinner guests (some came from Buffalo, New York) and Christine Cooper and her friends/family who chose to celebrate her 29th Wedding Anniversary with hubby, Dennis. As us Greeks say, Na Zisetai!

When guests arrived, we handed them  shooter of Windex, the cure-all as urged by Mr. Portokalos in the movie. This Ouzo-flavoured shot was just thing to put people at ease and set the tome for a fun, delicious dinner amongst friends.

As a meze/appetizer offering I made Dolmades Gialantzi with pita bread and my homemade Tzatziki. These were very popular and although there were some leftovers…many took doggy bags to enjoy them at home.

I do like featuring traditional Greek dishes and nothing is more authentic than a homemade Spanakopita…made with phyllo opened by hand! The spinach was kindly donated by Cookin’ Greens.

Next up was a bowl of comfort, the Greeks’ cure for the common cold – Chicken Avgolemono Soup with kale from Cookin’ Greens.

The main course was braised lamb shanks with baked kritharaki…my ode to Lamb Giouvetsi and finished off with some grated dry Mizithra cheese.

To accompany the main, I served arugula salad with  fig and Greek yogurt dressing.

Dessert was of the best desserts from the Greek kitchen – semolina custard blanketed into buttered phyllo and baked ’til golden then given a bath of lemon and cinnamon-scented syrup.

Greek coffee capped the evening and another wonderful dinner ended with new friends being made and anticipation of my next Greek Dinner…Dec.11th with a Greek Christmas menu.


Below are lots more photos of this fun, delicious evening. Enjoy!




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