Spanakorizo With Green Olives & Feta

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I am going to a dinner this coming Friday but I went to the person’s home early…one week early! I mixed up my calendar and thought the dinner was happening last Friday. I arrive at the appropriate time, wine in hand for the hostess and she pulls into the driveway right after I do. Looking puzzled.

I quickly realize the dinner is happening in another week (this Friday) and I beamed with a huge smile…perhaps to distract from my reddened face. To make the most of the moment, I entered the home for a glass of wine, some conversation and some food appears on the table. A large dish of Spanakorizo is presented and divided to satiate the Friday hungrys we were all feeling.

I was intrigued by this Spanakorizo that was topped with green olives and crumbled Feta. I’ve only had the more traditional version – no green olives and Feta. I love this twist on Spanakorizo as it was different, tasted fabulous and the spinach wasn’t blackened, overcooked.

I was promised the recipe and after having made the dish in my own kitchen, I can now share the dish with all of you. The Dassios family cooks their Spanakorizo on the stove-top and I like my rice baked. Here, you have both options and neither one better or worse…your choice!

For the Spanakorizo With Green Olives & Feta recipe, please purchase my Everything Mediterranean cookbook.


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2 Comments for “Spanakorizo With Green Olives & Feta”



I just made this and it’s so delicious! It is amazing how simple ingredients can bring such flavour.

Thank you for sharing. I’m looking forward to try more of your dishes.

The Lord bless you.