Lemon Coconut Ice Cream

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Sometimes the tastiest things to come out of my kitchen are the simpler recipes.Even though we’re making ice cream today and if you have an ice cream maker, the task is that much easier. Ice cream usually begins with a custard base, which means using heavy cream and eggs. We have none of that here.

I served this ice cream last week at my Thalassa Greek Supper Club as part of dessert. The ice cream is fine alone but it’s fab with Revani, a traditional sponge cake finished from syrup and the best Revani coming from the northern Greek city of Veria.

‘Tis not a dietary recipe by any means but there’s alternate forms of fat with coconut milk and condensed milk as the base. If there’s a healthy aspect of his recipe it would have to be the yogurt. You don’t need anything fancy, just a plain yogurt with at least 3.5% fat. Don’t go for the skinny yogurts as they have no taste, may contain gelatin and you may get ice crystals in your ice cream.

Coconut milk provides all that good tropical flavour and I opted to add toasted coconut only as a garnish. The other base for the flavour is lemons – the zest giving most of the flavour and the juice lending to the tartness that’s needed in this rich, refreshing yet very apropos summer treat. Mix, chill overnight and churn in your ice cream maker as per usual and chill in the freezer to set overnight.

Off to make another batch!

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5 Comments for “Lemon Coconut Ice Cream”


This was the best ice cream I’ve ever had! So glad you posted, because I’m making it this weekend to relive the Greek Supper Club!


Coconut and citrus sure go well together. I recently made an ice cream with coconut milk base and flavored with fresh lime juice, it was really good. Gonna have to try lemon next!