Hotel Estia, Finikouda Messinia

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Stephanie Milliken (nee Gallos) and her husband Glen run a hotel in Finikouda, Messinia in the southern Peloponnese. Stephanie grew up in here in Toronto but spent her summers in Greece, mainly in her father’s home town (Finikouda). The couple came here for their honeymoon in 2003 and discovered off-the-beaten path trails, caves, catacombs and hidden beaches. They fell in love with the area and now call Finikouda home, tending to the Hotel and the surrounding land.

The couple also teach English as a second language and Glen now tends to the 1000+ olive trees on their property. The olive trees are of the Koroneiki variety and they are now in the family for three generations! Greek bureaucracy permitting, the olive oil that is pressed from the olives will soon be categorized as organic – no pesticides or fertilizers are used.

The Hotel Estia offers guests to take part in the autumn olive harvest and you get to place a piece of bread under the spout where warm green, freshly pressed olive flows like liquid gold. Stephanie describes the olive oil as “wonderfully delicious” and she adds that a local bee keeper produces some fabulous honey!

In the summer, you can trek through the quiet paths, explore the many quiet beaches and take in some of the local cuisine of Messinia. Rich in olive oil, vegetables, fish and seafood…this is the Mediterranean diet. Like much of Greece, local wine is made and depending on the summer, grapes are harvested mid-to-late August.

When you’re in Greece you’re never too far from mountains or from the sea. A visit to The Estia Hotel offers you both at your doorstep. Consider visiting Greece this year, consider the Estia Hotel in Finikounda, Messinia. Buy Greek, support Greece!

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