Gail Simmons Loves Greek Food

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Last night I attended a media event at the Drake Hotel that was organized by Ivy Knight and Harper-Collins publishing. The occasion was to present Gail Simmons’ book titled “Talking With My Mouth Full”. Gail Simmons was born & raised in Toronto but left for the US to immerse herself in the PR side of food and eventually sit as judge on Top Chef and hostess of Top Chef Just Desserts.

Gail Simmons is easily approachable and I was able to strike up a conversation with her and talk about (what else) food. Gail went to Forest Hill CI, her mom wrote a food column for the Globe & Mail when she was growing up so she always had access to good food. After finishing a gig as editorial assistant for Toronto Life she headed to New York City where she worked for a “who’s who” list of culinary greats.

Throw in her studies at culinary school, PR and now a Top Chef judge, ‘Mouthfull’ reflects on the amazing food experiences from New York to San Francisco, Paris to Hong Kong and Toronto to Tokyo (her favourite food city). Gail loves the food of Vancouver and she does visit Toronto two or three times a year and she states that Toronto’s food scene stands up to any of North America’s metropolises.

Top Chef Canada has just commenced and although its not aired in the US she eventually catches-up with the Canadian edition and she acknowledges “Canada’s got talent”. I had to also tell Gail about this blog and she loooooves Greek food and asked me about the Greek food scene in New York. She added that she prefers the Queens/Astoria Greek food scene to Manhattan and she loves fried zucchini chips!

“Talking With My Mouth Full” may be purchased at your local bookstore or ordered online.

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Wow, how interesting! It looks like you had a great time, meeting interesting people, talking about food and meeting the author! You both look lovely in the first pic :D


Ti orea empeiria Peter! Auto eleipe na min aresei stin Gail to elliniko fagito! Afou einai uperoxo!!
Filia polla, na exeis ena omorfo SK!