Homemade Chicken or Turkey Stock

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The basis for any good soup is a good stock and that’s especially important for getting the most flavour. When I make a stock, I buy the carcasses (three) from a chicken (you can use one whole chicken) or the leftover carcass of a roasted turkey and place them in a pot with a carrot, onion, celery, parsley stems, handful of peppercorns along with some salt (1 Tbsp) and enough water to cover the pot (12-14 cups). Bring to a boil, simmer for 90-120 minutes and allow to cool. Remove the vegetables and carcasses and place the stock in the fridge to chill. The next day the fat will have risen to the top and coagulate. Simply skim the fat and discard and now you’re left with a clear, flavourful stock. Use the stock for a base for any soup, to make sauces or freeze in containers for future use.

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5 Comments for “Homemade Chicken or Turkey Stock”


I agree Peter. For anyone that loves soups and risottos, a good stock is essential and so easy to make. I actually have an endless supply these days as I make baby food and stock at the same time (I use free range chicken wings instead of carcasses so I can then put the meat in the baby’s food).


Other than good ingredients, the stock is very important for many recipes. Thanks for sharing a good stock recipe. I don’t find many of these on the market.