You Too Can Be a Cake Star!

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I grew up and live in the east end of Toronto…Scarborough if you will. People in the east end would never go to the west end..unless it was to pass through or go to the airport. I’m sure folks in the west end never visited the east end and that’s just how it is. Both ends of the city have malls, stores for all our needs and rarely is there a reason to head out to another part of the city. Every city also has specialty stores and unique stores that are worth the ride and if you know Toronto – the traffic.

Sisters Barb & Monja

People go to delis, specialty/ethnic grocers or to stores or services that are recognized for being unique, special – worthy of traveling to. I recently drove from Scarborough (northeast) to the opposite end of the city (southwest) to the Kipling/Lakeshore area to attend the grand opening of Cake Star, a new bakery that’s just opened it’s doors. The business may be new but this family-run operation has years of experience behind it and I want you to get familiar with the folks that make it shine.

The two principles of the company are sisters Barbara and Monja. The sisters grew up around food with dad being a Pastry Chef and mom an artist. Barbara also managed the family’s patisserie for 10 years learing the intricacies of business and pastry. Monja tried her hand at personal training, martial arts and freelance make-up for indy films. She must have inherited her mother’s affinity for art and she gravitated to the magic of cake art. Together, Barb and Monja create all the delicious treats in the store: Barbara handles the creation of the base recipes for cakes, cupcakes, etc and Monja looks after the decorating aspect. Beyond the natural bond that sisters have you can see that Barb & Monja bond well, work well and have fun together!

What will you find at Cake Star? Of course the sisters make cakes for any occasion and for those that want something more risqué, there’s a catalog in the shop with some of the sisters XXX creations that are too racy for this blog (we’re a family blog here). ;) The sisters have become Canada’s own Cake Bosses  – a reputation earned from some of their more extravagant and ambitious cake designs  – as commissioned by some of their customers looking for a special cake for someone’s birthday, stag/stagette, anniversary. If you have an idea about presented a special and most memorable cake for someone special – Barb and Monja will fulfill your request.

Cake Star is more than just about cakes…there’s a whole window display of cupcakes and each time you enter the store you may find a different flavour, there are macarons – the darling little treats from France. There’s miniature treats on a stick – red velvet cakes, mini tiramisu or rumballs…all with the Cake Star twist. I would travel across the city just for their canolis!

Those in the corporate world may want to call Cake Star to order a cake for a special event, gift(s) for clients or ask them to cater dessert for one of your functions. Remember, they have many years of experience plus there’s depth of wisdom with Ma, Pa and another sister also involved in the family business. I first met the sisters this past summer when they broke a world record for the cake with the most layers! Yeah…they can handle pressure!

It is said that a French woman is not only complemented on the food she cooks but also on where she buys her food – including bakeries/patisseries. If you’re going to take a hostess gift with you – it may as well be the best, non? Wanna be a Cake Star yourself? Barb and Monja are now offering decorating classes and there’s even some dates scheduled for kids!

CakeStar Inc.

3431 Lakeshore Blvd., Etobicoke, ON (at Kipling)


Twitter: @CakeStarGirlz

tel: 416-259-9053


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Peter Minakis

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5 Comments for “You Too Can Be a Cake Star!”


Love to read stories of success like this. Good luck to both of them. I think if I ever attended any of their classes, I’d be a true test for them. I love cooking but I’m not the sweet-baking kind of cook.



Their father made an excellent focaccia base for the pizza they served at Bona Via and the pizza or rosemary focaccia was always excellent.. The toppings made a wonderful meal and I will miss the opportunity to enjoy their wonderful food. I always loved the quality of the ingredients and the taste of the final product. I frequented Bona Via for over twenty years and was impressed by their parents work which is now passed on to their daughters.

Good luck in the new endeavour in the west end. Continue to expand upon all that you have learned from mom and dad To quote the recently deceased Steven Jobs of Apple, “Be hungry, be silly.”