Seafood Taverna “H Akti”, Nea Iraklia

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This is my first official entry from Greece and yes, it’s hot, the food tastes fantastic (especially those garden tomatoes) and I’m enjoying the company of family and friends. Our home is in Nea Kallikratia, Halkidiki  – by the sea. One of the neigborhood towns is Nea Iraklia, just 6 km. north of Nea Kallikratia. Many of these towns along the coast of Halkidiki were settled by Greek refugees displaced during population exchanges between Turkey and Greece and the towns in Halkidiki with the “Nea” (new) prefix are named after the towns where these Greeks lived along the Sea of Marmarra.

Many of these towns rely on fishing and tourism as the main sources of income and commerce and when it comes to seafood tavernas, I’ve been taking family & friends to Nea Iraklia for seafood. Nea Iraklia is about 30 minutes south of Thessaloniki and even though there are lots of places around Thessaloniki to eat fish and seafood, there’s something special about eating fish and seafood by the sea…especially with sunsets like these!

“H Akti” in Nea Iraklia is where to go for fish and seafood. The old fella Kokkinos has had this taverna for as long as I’ve been coming to Halkidiki (1980’s) and I’ve never been disappointed in the food: decent prices, delicious dishes, freshest fish and seafood from the Thermaic Gulf. Let’s start with the sides…fried zucchini chips with housemade Tzaziki.

H Akti makes a fantastic Mussels Saganaki, a local specialty of using local mussels cultivated in deltas of rivers that empty into the Thermaic Gulf.

Ya gotta order some fries and salad.

Although they have fried calamari on the menu, I prefer it grilled…almost as much as the tender, char-grilled octopus.

There’s always fresh fish…caught that day in the same waters where I swim each day and in the very waters the taverna overlooks. I love these grilled “loutsos”. These are small barracudas that look fierce but are light yet flavourful.

The Mediterranean is still full of mackerel and if available, order some of the smoked mackerel or the butterflied and grilled mackerel in the style of “gouna”.

At last, we threw in some hot peppers…we’re norther Greeks and we love our hot peppers.

H Akti is located in Nea Iraklia, Halkidiki. 30 minutes south of Thessaloniki.

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Hi Peter. I have been following your blog (which is exceptional) for a while and decided to subscribe last week.
Just logged into my emails and got goose bumps as I couldn’t believe you are staying in my favourite place, Nea Kalikratia. I live in Australia, however, was raised in Greece by my auntie and cousin until I was 7yrs old then moved here with my parents. I went back to see my cousin in 2008 after twenty five years and spent six weeks in Kalikratia, it’s where we used to spend our summers camping when I was a child, I even brought back pebbles from the beach and have them on the coffee table to remember. The funny thing is the last meal I had before leaving was fried calamari in the same restaurant you went to, I can still taste the freshness of the food in Greece. Enjoy your wonderful holiday and thank you for making me feel a hop, skip and jump away!