The Serraikon Bougatsa

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When I woke up this morning I was a little confused. I get this way the first few days of a travel destination. I realized that I was a) not in Canada and b) no longer at the Sani Resort but c) here in Thessaloniki, Greece. I spent the day roaming the Kapani central market and by 11 am I had realized that I had forgotten to eat breakfast.

Here in Greece, there are those who have a coffee and smoke for breakfast, others take the time to sit and eat in the morning and most are on the run and will grab a quick breakfast to-go or on foot. One of Greece’s most delicious offerings is Bougatsa and the best Bougatsa is said to originate in a city in eastern Macedonia called Serres. Here in the province’s capital (Thessaloniki) there are hundreds of Bougatsa shops with most doing brisk business in the morning and early afternoons.

Bougastsa is made of handmade phyllo that treated with butter and filled with cheese, meat, spinach & cheese, chocolate or custard (cream). Basically, the filling is placed in the middle of a rectangle of phyllo thats folded like an envelope to make a pouch around the filling. One more pouch of phyllo is folded to complete the Bougatsa.

This post isn’t about which particular Bougatsa shop in Thessaloniki, Serres or other parts of Greece has the best Bougatsa shop but when in Thessaloniki, you’re going to find these shops everywhere. Some are better than others and today I was lucky to have discovered Serraikon Bougatsa on Bas. Herakliou (just outside of Modiano Market).

Serraikon Boutgatsa was established in 1952 and despite the company now being franchised, the quality and consistency at each shop still rates high with the citizens of Thessaloniki. I’m recommending you grab some Bougatsa from this location if you visit Thessaloniki. It’s central, easy to find and you’ll likely be hungry from seeing all the food and goods that surround you in the nearby Kapani and Modiano Markets.

Grab an order of Bougatsa and have it with Greek coffee, a frappe or chocolate milk!

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30 Comments for “The Serraikon Bougatsa”


LOOKS AMAZING!!! I love love love the meat version… I had it once and they actually sprinkle a little icing sugar on the meat version as well (odd at first but tasted quite nice). Deeelicious!


Now, this is a bougatsa! That cream in there looks perfect.
It must feel good to be in Thessaloniki Peter.

Seeing the photos from Sani, it looks like you had a wonderful time. I’m jealous :) You must have tasted some pretty spectacular dishes over there.


Τι μου έκανες τώρα!!! κλααααααααααααψ!!! :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
Θεσσαλονίκη!! Μπουγάτσα!!!
So jealous u r in Thessaloniki and having the aroma of mpougatsa all around…One with cheese and a big freddo or frappe would be the best spring breakfast!
A sweet one like in the pics would also do it…for now! :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))



We always get a delicious bougatsa that looks like just like that from Select in Ioannina!
Your photos bring back great memories…I would simply die to have a recipe like that!



Bougatsa! My faaaavorite! When I was little I was SHOCKED, that you couldn’t find bougatsa in Athens (or on the islands)…and saddened! I always thought, if someone opened a bougatsa shop in Athens, they’d be RICH!


Those look delicious! Does anyone in Toronto make ’em? Will you be inspired to make some for your friends (ahem) when you return?


Just when I thought you had posted all the Greek desserts possible, you post this bougatsa. The one you highlighted looks like it’s got apples in it, is that right? Keep on having a great trip, but you didn’t need me to tell you that.


Πωπωωωωωω κόλαση!!! Τι απίθανες φωτογραφίες!!! I wanna go home and have the amazing mpougatsa by the sea. Have to wait until August instead :( I found a seraiki mpougatsa in Amsterdam, where I live. It seems to be filling the gap a bit, but still not even close to the real thing!

Please, please, please be good and share your recipe. I tried a couple that I found online but the cream was not what it is supposed to be so I gave up.


Τι να σχολιάσει κανείς για την συγκεκριμμένη μπουγάτσα>>
Peter εύχομαι να περνάς πολύ όμορφα, βγάλε πολλές φωτογραφίες!


Mmmm that looks so yummy! I haven’t had anything since 10:30 so anything would look good right about now, but I bet that bougatsa is out of this world!



Hi Peter,
I hope you are having a great time …keep the info, pictures and recipes coming!!! We Look forward to them!!!

Green Tears


I have never tasted bougatsa, but I am looking forward to it! Your photos are delicious looking, as always.

Please share the recipe!

gloria p


We recently visited Greece for three weeks and enjoyed bougatsa in Heraklion and Meteora. All the Greek food was divine.



Please!!! What kind of torturous post is this. We need the recipe!! It looks so creamy and the phyllo looks perfectly crisp. Greek food is the best food in the whole world. Please put up the recipe!



Bougatsa! Wow! I love this as it was the first Greek dessert I ever tried.
What’s the difference between Bougatsa and Galetoboureko/
I really would LOVE the recipe for this please!

Merryn Galluccio


It is 9:26am here and grabing a latte on the run to enjoy at my desk, I find your heavenly picture of Bougatsa. Yum, this looks amazingly delicious and would be a perfect accompaniment to my coffee. Please share your recipe Peter and we could enjoy this for breakfast too! Probably on one of those lazy weekend mornings. Sweet or savoury – phyllo is so versatile. Thanks for brightening the day with your enjoyable post.

cody Reiss


Thanks for your post, its almost satisfying enough just to look at pictures of bougatsa… almost. I’m in Thessaloniki now and have gotten bougatsa from the same place the past 3 days, so bomb! I’m from California and there definitely isnt anything comparable back home, though it does kind of remind me of the traditional pastel de nata in Portugal. I would love a good recipe so I can make bougatsa at home! =)



Bougatsa is amazing! The first time I had it was when I was a youngster, walking down the beach in Patras.

So…will you be sharing your recipe?!



Ahhhh …. It has been three years since I have been back to Thessaloniki. There is no Bougatsatzidiko around the corner, here in Northern Virginia. Can you share the recipe for the cream bougatsa? Unless, of course, you have the connections to get Serraiko to open an outlet in the area? ;-)


Boy, I loved my introduction to bougatza at the hotel in Crete, Ate it practically every day. Still dreaming about it and going to a Greek Festival in San Bruno, CA this weekend will be a good start! The pictures above a fabulous.

Georgia K


Geiaaaa!!! I’ve tried other recipes online, but you need to have the right Crema recipe! My town is about an hour away from Thessaloniki (I grew up in Canada), and I have to say, Macedonia seems to know how to make Bougatsa right! I would LOVE a recipe from an actual Bougatsidiko in Thessaloniki if you wouldn’t mind sharing!!

PS – My fiance and his family just got back from Greece with me this year and they would absolutely be floored if I got an awesome recipe to make for them! They all loved having Bougatsa for breakfast!!



Ella re paidia, giati me skotonete? Bougatsa einai o erotas mou!
Sas parakalo, dos te mou th sidagi!
Sas Efxaristo poli, Demetris!

You guys are killing me! Bougatsa is one of my loves! PLEASE give me the recipe, PLEASE!
Thank you very much, Dimitris.

PS: I love this so much, when I go to Greece, my familiy would bring one to me at the airport when I arrive, and couple souvlakis, my two loves!

Amy Bruton


I have searched all over for a good bougatsa with crema recipe since I studied in Thessaloniki in 2005. I tried a couple of recipes years ago that didn’t come anywhere close to what I ate in Greece. Is the recipe available anywhere? I saw the Lenten one but am curious about a more standard recipe. Thanks!!!