Roasted Yellow Bell Pepper Soup With Beet Croutons

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Another Thanksgiving in Canada has passed and all that are left are some serving platters to put away and some leftover turkey. I try and choose a turkey that will be just a little more than what we need, ensuring we don’t have to eat turkey for a week!

The first course that I served was a soup that was slightly spicy, stick to your ribs thick and creamy. I wanted to make something a little different than the usual roasted red pepper soup, so I opted for yellow sweet bell peppers. I flicked on my gas grill and placed the peppers on the grill and charred them until they were blistered and black. I also threw in one hot banana pepper into the mix.

I then placed the peppers in a bowl and covered them with plastic wrap so that they could sweat and make the peppers easier to clean. I then cleaned and chopped a leek, added some carrot and celery and some diced potatoes to help thicken the soup.

This soup doesn’t require much time on your stove-top…45 minutes perhaps? The soup is ultimately pureed with a hand blender and then some cream is added and grated cheese. I used some grated Graviera cheese, you may certainly a grated cheese of your choice. Flavourings in this soup are the smoky yellow peppers that were blackened and blister on the grill, a good vegetable or chicken stock, a bit of a kick with the addition of one hot banana pepper into the mix. My herbs of choice here were some sprigs of thyme and fresh basil leaves.

There’s definitely a cheese undertone in the soup and the final garnish of beet “croutons” adds colour, pizazz to the soup and a different sweetness. A dollop of strained Greek yogurt, swirl into the soup and it’s time to tuck in. This soup is easy to prepare and it’s perfect  for the cool autumn nights.

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26 Comments for “Roasted Yellow Bell Pepper Soup With Beet Croutons”


What a perfect soup! I adore the sweet smokey taste of roasted peppers and add them to so many things to hike up the flavor but all in a soup? I love it! What amazing flavors!

Happy Thanksgiving I am sure you put together a feast fit for royalty!


Phew! I was afraid you were gonna whip up a a state-of-the art mandolineand dehydrate the beets with a special other tool! can handle these directions, great colors to the soup.