Pumpkin Bread

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IMG_1954-1It’s October 31st, Halloween and I’m excited about attending a party this evening. It’s one of the few occasions that adults can let loose and be kids again.

Pumpkins are everywhere, in the market, in front of peoples’ homes and of course, in the kitchen.IMG_2001-1

Earlier this month us Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving and I made a pumpkin pie. I’ve bought ready-made pies from the supermarket but I wanted to try my hand at the real-deal.IMG_8199

I used pumpkin puree (store bought) and made this delicious, easy to make pie, complete with an “in your face” drawing to boot! However, this post isn’t about pumpkin pie but the pumpkin loaf that was made with the leftover puree (recipe to come).IMG_1766-1

Lori of The Recipe Girl shared her pumpkin loaf and through sheer good timing and fate, her recipe landed on my lap. Lori’s site has a good array of sweet and savory dishes and she often goes beyond her comfort zone and cooks up theme nights focusing on different ethnic cuisines.IMG_1958-1

Lori’s pumpkin loaf is easy and it’s a wonderful accompaniment to a coffee or just as a plain, slightly decadent snack. It’s moist, it’s quick, it tastes great and if you use mini-loaf forms like I did, great for little gifts.

Lori’s original recipe calls for 45 minutes for baking but my loaf pans were probably the equivalent of 2 muffins and a bit. My pumpkin loaves took a mere 25 minutes. Just be careful with your baking times if using smaller forms.IMG_2300-1

I just got a big pumpkin from some family friends and I will be surely making more pumpkin bread, some sweet and savory pies from the Greek side things where pumpkin and homemade phyllo meet.

See you next month tomorrow.

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21 Comments for “Pumpkin Bread”


MOIST loaf. moist. no butter required, that’s for sure, but i’d probably use some anyway…
is that a turkey design on your pie, or is my imagination working overtime?


I love pumpkin too…I make a wonderful soup and sometimes use butternut squash instead…like Lydia…

pumpkin bread is one of my favorite dessert like things…pumpkin anything I guess!


Great pumpkin bread! A good cup of coffee and a couple of slices of this fabulous pumpkin bread and everything would be good. :-)
Great blog post.