Greek Food Gazette 07/31/09

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Detailed mosaic flooring found at Ancient Olinthos, Halkidiki, Greece
Detailed mosaic flooring found at Ancient Olinthos, Halkidiki, Greece

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4 Comments for “Greek Food Gazette 07/31/09”


I want to go to Greece – it’s not fair that I can’t now go this year :(
Have a fantastic time Peter!
Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back! Take care x


Peter, did I mention that I used the word karpouzi in a sentence the other day? It was a very exciting moment, even if the sentence to my Greek friend was, “guess what?! I learned how to saw watermelon in Greek – karpouzi!!”
I read the olive article… I hope they get people to stop cutting down those trees. They really are a part of the history and culture in the area :-\


hi peter! love your blog. i’ve gone through pretty much all of your archives in the past year…we traveled to greece last year and again this year because we loved it so much.

if greece is the 12th largest producer of greek wine, which countries would be the first 11? i thought that was interesting!



Great job, Peter on your excellent website. I must comment, however, about the inane AFP article about the state of Greece’s beaches. I’m suspicious of the reason why this article was written. Why, for example, did they not mention that Greece has, at 425, the second highest number of “Blue Flag” (i.e. very clean) beaches in the world? Using simple math, 16 tonnes is equal to the load of about 2-3 municipal garbage trucks in a coastline that is several times the length of the Great Wall of China. I did chuckle, however, at the number of cigarette butts. I’m genuinely surprised it wasn’t higher.