In Conversation With Chef Michael Psilakis, Pt.2

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psilakis_hoodieChef Michael Psilakis and I continue our one hour-plus conversation here. We delve into the subjects of ingredients, his recent visit to Greece, growing up Greek in the US, kitchen tools, Michael’s cooking influences, cooking for his family and Michael shares with us some of his favourite memories, triggered by food.

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10 Comments for “In Conversation With Chef Michael Psilakis, Pt.2”



I must remark about the recent Greek chefs on Food Network such as Mr. Psilakis, Cat Cora, etc. Americans eat their foods, in particular animal products, RAW, blood running, tuna raw,….. it’s disgusting.

So, it is quite annoying to say the least when Ms. Cat Cora, who is from Tennessee or somewhere in the South, is supposedly preparing her rendition of a Greek dish, the meat which she cooks for 1 minute per side and proceeds to remark with some sort of disdain about how the Greek community really cooks their meats, fish, etc. all the way through. And, I have seen Mr. Psilakis do the same as well as for Mr. Simon.

Sorry for my anger however, there should be a distinction between real Greek food and what these guys are presenting. I am a life-long New Yorker and have eaten in the newer Greek restaurants – their food is NOT Greek by any stretch of the imagination. C’mon guys – OK you want to break into the so-called “gourmet” higher end restaurant scene that’s fine but give us a break when you call your menu GREEK!!!

And yes, we like our animal products COOKED THROUGH AND THROUGH, NOT WITH BLOOD DRIPPING, AND JUST TOTALLY UNCOOKED MEATS, FISH…..Good god, the US is no place to tell us how to eat – they raise their children on fast food, packed meals and any other garbage on the shelf and let’s not forget the sandwiches everyone grew up on for many decades.

Thanks – I had to get that off my chest.!