Greek Food Gazette 05/08/09

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A fishing boat geared and ready for the day of fishing in Paros.
A fishing boat geared and ready for a day of fishing in Paros.

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12 Comments for “Greek Food Gazette 05/08/09”


Do you think the Utah natives will make sure to have a beer with the souvlaki..? ;-) Peter, I made your chicken souvlaki about a month ago and it was amazing!! Awesome to see how far reaching your site has become!


This is the island I was telling you about! Isn’t that interesting? I had seen the article the other day and it provoked me to check into diets for longevity. I came across some pretty sound advice until a slew of old-agers said they ate bacon grease fried bread, smoked daily..haha! Knocked all theories out of the ballpark! I’m inclined to think genetics play a bigger role than we’d like to admit.


How fun to see your recipe was in the Salt Lake Tribune. I stopped subscribing because I never had time to read it, but when I’m retired I’ll start it up again.

So here’s a bit of foodie synchronicity for you. Kathy Stephenson (Tribune Food Editor) is the daughter of my friend Georgette (who shares recipes with me on my blog sometimes!) So small world, huh?


There was a talk on the Greek media about Ikaria and mostly because they eat kolokassi (taro). After Cyprus, Ikaria is the first Greek island I’ve hear who know what taro is.


FAMILY SOUVLAKI RECIPE?! I wish I had one of that! BTW why is pork butt the shoulder? I thought butt meant “the behind”, no?


Johanna, the term “butt” came from the large barrels that used to be used to ship meat (to Boston). They were called butts. Therefore Boston Butt.

The rear, as you know is where the ham comes from.