Crisp Roasted Potatoes

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I’ve found myself in a flurry of activities this week. I’ve been tending to my mom’s every whim as she’s just completed her second knee replacement, I have tax returns to tend to, client meetings, working on some surprises for my blog while in Greece and today… I have to sit all day in a conference listening to market pundits tell me and other advisors about how the economy and markets are doing just fine (yeah right).

It’s going to be a long, boring day and I’d rather be blogging, eating and trying out new foods. Before I commence this arduous day, I’m leaving you with a crisp roasted potatoes dish.

I think many of us neglect or give little thought to the side dishes when we prepare our food or in the collection of blogged dishes. The side dish gets little attention or a “quick & dirty”, a filler.

I’m going to try and feature more side dishes. A meal is complete when you say, have a fabulous steak, fantastic potatoes and the most memorable veggies ever.

Here’s some potatoes for ya…thin, crispy, seasoned just right, easy to prepare and above all delicious.

I used a mandoline (again) to cut the potatoes into uniform slices but I’m sure most of you know you’re way around a knife.

Starchy potatoes like a Russet work best, olive oil, coarse salt, paprika, pepper and thyme. It’s the K.I.S.S. principle today….Keep It Simple Stupid! lol

Crispy Roasted Potatoes

1 large Russet potato per person (skins on)
olive oil

coarse sea salt

cracked black pepper

sweet paprika
fresh or dry thyme

Pre-heated 475F oven

  1. Get a large pot of water boiling. Generously season with salt and par-boil the potatoes for 10 minutes. Place the potatoes in an ice bath until they are safe to handle.
  2. Using a mandoline or knife, cut your potatoes into thin slices.
  3. Drizzle with olive oil and season with coarse sea salt, fresh black pepper, sweet paprika and thyme.
  4. Place the potatoes in the oven and bake for approx. 12 minutes then flip for another 5-7 minutes on the other side.
  5. Remove from the heat and keep warm.

© 2008,
Peter Minakis

. All rights reserved.

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52 Comments for “Crisp Roasted Potatoes”



When my sons, both roast potato addicts, conducted a series of rp experiments last year for my blog, they cut the potatoes into many shapes, including a model of the Eiffel Tower (particularly crispy!). But they never did slices. Or such delicious seasoning. I’m going to try these, soon, they look delicious, and they are much quicker than the methods favoured by my boys …

Thanks for sharing

A scientist in the kitchen


This sounds like the way I want my potatoes – crispy and well-seasoned with herbs. And not fried at all!




Great photo! I would be well chuffed to sit down to a crispy, seasoned side of tatties like this :)

Happy cook


That is indeed a beautiful stack of Roasted Potatoes.
I don’t have mandoline, so have to use the old fashion way :-)



Beautiful photo! This looks like potatoes as they were meant to be. Never mind the side dish, I think I’d be happy devoting all my attention to that dish :) I’ve got some new potatoes waiting in my fridge… I think I’m feeling inspired…

Lori Lynn


Hi Peter – I hope your day turns out better than you anticipated.

Love the stacked crescent with the thyme on top. Stairway to Potato Heaven…



As soon as I saw your picture I got hungry. That is a great looking roasted potato. Now I need to find me something to eat, jeeee, thanks :-p



Peter, you’re right side dishes often get ‘forgotten’. I’m a potato lover and this looks like a wonderful way of making potatoes and they look really pretty too.



Hope your mom’s recovery goes well. Giz just screwed up her knee…

The potatoes look good. A mandoline is one of those things I’ll need to buy when I have a larger kitchen.

Laurie Constantino


So sorry to hear about your mom – perastika! Your day today sounds very – er – um – well, boring! I’m glad you’re thinking about potatoes instead – and these are particularly lovely ones. I do love this picture!



Nice job on the taters! Savory and crunchy and could be a meal on its own with cheese melted atop! I am sure you solved the problems of the world in your meeting today! Hope your mom is doing well:)

Peter M


Joanna, roasting spuds can give one varied results. I thin the key is high heat and russet spuds work very well (starchy).

Gay, I think potatoes should be crispy on the outside, soft inside.

Kittie, I love when you say tatties.

Happy, ole’ fashioned will work just fine.

Patricia, actually this dish came together rather quickly, thanks!

Neen, new potatoes are too waxy…use those for a salad and get some baking potatoes for this.

Sylvia, they were WOW in the mouth!

Val, the KISS principle is the only way!

Ben, view my blog after dinner ok? lol

Nina, thank you as always.

Hallie, welcome!

Sylvie, I will pay more attention to sides.

Psychgrad, she’s fine..knee surgery is routine, just alot of physio for her and slave work for the rest of us.

Glam and Marie…I was thinking about posting that it resembled a Stairway to Heaven…wasn’t sure how many would get the Led Zep reference.

Laurie, thank you but no worries…pity me who has to be busy tending to her every itch! lol

Deb, confirmed…the conference was a big yawn…no big news, just hold tight.



Those potatoes do look nice and crispy and good! Nice presentation with the swirling tower.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)


I’m for any recipe that lets me use my mandoline — it makes anything I cook more elegant!



All those need is a dribble of ketchup and I’m all over ’em. I know, I know. But at least I didn’t say ranch dressing.



You are so right about the side dishes Peter, these look deliciously crispy. Love the presentation too! I am always dreaming of blogging while I am at work so I know how you feel…

Mochachocolata Rita


you are absolutely right. i kept cooking things with steamed rice as the default side dish…or sometimes noodles/pasta…i love potato but my sous chef doesn’t…and in indonesia, we actually eat potatoes such as your dish as one of the main course…with what else…yes, steamed white rice!! hohoho…i kinda miss it…

for me…these gorgeous potatoes of yours would be the perfect companion watching..ideally the next episodes of LOST…while sipping iced lime soda with a bit of mint…i am absolutely dying from only imagining it :)



Get well soon, Peter’s Mom! :)

There’s something about potatoes…I could eat them as a meal in themselves, roasted, mashed, fried, sauteed, baked, grilled…this particular recipe looks like a perfect addition to any meal, particularly a steak, like you mention here. Delicious as always, Peter! :)

Peter M


Lori Lynn, sorry I missed your comment…Lez Zep spuds all the way!

Kevin, thanks dude…they were a pleasant surprise.

Christine, thank you…see, people will look at more than just the main event on the plate.

Lydia, used safely…the mandoline is your kitchen friend.

Heather, no dissin’ of ketchup, they is taters, dammit!

Pete, you’ve been watchin’ Porky Pig of late? lol

Sara, I got that pic in a matter of just a couple of takes.

Helen, I’m just glad it’s over..being stuck in a convention center all day is not fun.

Rita, your comments are so gracious and too kind…thank you darlin’!

Nikki, the “ma” says TY! These spuds with steak…they are swell indeed!

Maria, OPA!

Thank you Poonam.


Cake, I survived and took a nice long walk after a long, boring conference.

We Are Never Full


i’m always curious is any of your big-wig money making comrades in the business world know about your blog? i hide mine from coworkers b/c i prob. talk shit about them here and there. i just got a laugh out of thinking of all your coworkers reading your ‘lol’ remark above. HA!!!! I bet you that most of them don’t even know what LOL means.

you’re cool.

Peter M


Amy & Jonny, my office is not a suit-type firm. Our clients are regular family people…not Bay Street (our Wall St.)

I find my niche to be “simply not being a suit”, a cookie-cutter drone of the financial markets.

Some of the biggest windbags are in the financial field.



Love, love, love the picture Peter! Very beautiful!!! And yes you are right, I hardly ever give importance to side dishes either… K.I.S.S Kool Ideas Super Serving!

The translation of this silly try is: I like your potatoes! :D



What can I say? They look lovely, delicious, gorgeous, ….where did I put that damn thesaurus…..
I do mine longer at 400 – I’ll try them your way next time! – Oh wait, I don’t do the boiling in water bit first…
Lazy person doing things with least amount of effort!



First of all – I do love roasted potatoes so please don’t take offense when I say the first thing I thought of while laughing my head off was that the potatoes could be a deck of cards – one for the economy, the pundits just don’t want you losing your motivation, one for your mom because she deserves it and her knee probably hurts like the devil, one for Revenue Canada – let them choke on it and the rest for you to enjoy in peace. Cheers.



You’re right about the side dishes. They are often an afterthought for me because of time constraints. But, these simple, crispy and gorgeous potatoes are certainly doable and, I’m sure, delicious!



I often feel bad about not doing anything special with my side dishes and when it doesn’t take much more effort (like this dish) why am I not doing it?

Hope things get a little less stressful and busy for you!