Spaghetti With Squid and Artichicoke Cream

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This past Friday I was in a seafood funk and I really couldn’t decide on what to eat. Many food companies have websites that also include a myriad of recipes to try with their product.

Barilla pasta has a wonderful site with a ton of pasta dishes that use alot of different pasta shapes.

This Spaghetti With and Artichoke Cream dish jumped out at me from my computer screen, I was really intrigued by artichoke cream.

I used canned artichokes for this dish and frozen baby squid (as the recipe calls for). This dish’s consistency is reminiscent of a carbonarra but there’s no egg and I added some lemon zest to bring out the tangyness of the artichokes.

I love artichokes and they are well worth the fuss to clean them. They are native to southern Europe and the entire Mediterranean basin. Today, artichokes are manily cultivated in France, Italy, Span and the U.S. (with California producing nearly 100% of the crop).

This entry counts as my submission for Weekend Herb Blogging and it’s hosted by the founder Kalyn of Kalyn’s Kitchen. Have a look at her site, her lean and mean recipes that are delicious yet very healthwise. Kalyn will also publish a “roundup” of all the contributors.

Kali Orexi!

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11 Comments for “Spaghetti With Squid and Artichicoke Cream”



It looks very tasty. I’m a big fan of artichokes too. They are worth every bit of the fuss, in my opinion. (My sister hates them, could never understand it.)

Laurie Constantino


Mmmm-mmmm. Two of my favorite foods = artichokes and squid. Haven’t yet had breakfast, and I’m wishing I could rip the photo off the computer screen and eat it, it looks so good!

Bellini Valli


I love artichokes but rarely see them in their purest form at the grocers. Thank goodness for the convenience of frozen…although freshly baked stuffed artichokes are delicious!



Love squid and must be great with artichokes. I’ve discovered so many things I couldn’t even imagine reading your blog. If you have a mushroom sauce please mail it to me. Thanks.



Wow, I love the idea of the artichoke, too! I’m going to try this but with Dungeness crab as it’s in season around here right now!

Susan from Food Blogga


For dried pasta, Barilla is my favorite. This is a lovely dish, especially for Christmas Eve dinner. Thanks!



Hola Peter,
Your dish inspired mine… also about artichokes. They are sooooo good now! I love them too!


Interesting sea dish :) in Italy with squid, we also use tagliatelle:

is a simple recipe made with squid, chopped parsley and a little bit of garlic (and a cup of Verdicchio wine)