Baked Omelet

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If you like the flavours of a western omelet, then you’ll surely enjoy Ina Garten’s omelet for two. Despite it’s title, I think the recipe is ample enough to feed four.

I liked this omelet more than the classic western because it combines potato in it and it didn’t give me the usual heartburn I get from burnt onions or greasy pork product.

It’s an easy dish, comes together quickly and the aroma will surely awaken your S.O. or other family members still in their deep sleep slumber.

One final note, Ina uses jalapeno peppers in the recipe and despite my love of heat and spicy foods, I substituted jalapeno with a fine dice of green bell pepper.

In my rule book, spicy foods appear after noon time. It’s breakfast/brunch time…plenty of hours in the day to take in spicy foods.

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8 Comments for “Baked Omelet”



In Greece it’s good for lunch or supper. I surely can’t have that for breakfast or brunch. I never thought of the idea of baking the omelette. Hope to try it as soon as I get on my feet.



I agree I only use normal capsicums when I make omelette for the same reason. It looks delicious great post. :)



Peter, I have the opposite problem – no problem eating jalapenos in the morning, but at night it’s not such a good idea, and green peppers? Never! Indigestion at all hours. Yeah I know I’m weird.

Do like a good omelette though!



Peter this sounds great! I think I would leave the jalapeno though…I think anytime is a good time for some spice! I also like that this is baked because my omelets always brown too much on the stove!



That cheese topping has my attention! Never thought to bake the omlet either! I will try it but I too will leave in the hot peppers. Neeed something to get me going in the mornings! I like Ina’s recipes also.



Looks good, especially the cheese topping. You can toss almost anything into a baked omelet. I don’t mind eating spicy foods for breakfast.