Stacked Greek Salad

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Like it or not, most homes in Greece will offer many plates of appetizers, salads, dips, mains and sides at a dinner table. Even when ordering at a taverna, portion control goes out the window as the dishes are designed to be shared…family style.

I don’t think I’ve heard much of “pass the peas” or “could you please hand me the potatoes”. How does one reach over for that plate of fries? Easy, make multiple plates so that the one can reach the dish. Another thing one will notice at the Greek table is….”double dipping”.

It is not unusual to see someone at the table take a stab at the salad more than once. The Greek table is about sharing, making a guest feel part of the family.

For those that want to be more “structured”…here’s part of a solution for you…a portion or course of Greek salad. I suppose this interpretation of Greek salad could be offered as part of a course for a more formal evening, say when the boss is over for dinner?

This post will be my last as I’m heading out to Greece today. I’ll be casually checking my emails, reading some news headlines and checking on my blog’s comments. I can’t promise any food posts but I might give a “shout out” or two from Glorious Greece (and a little of Vienna, Austria).

See you in September….

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12 Comments for “Stacked Greek Salad”



Have a fabulous time on vacation in Greece Peter!!!! I love the casualness of the Greek mealtime. Sitting around the meze table and noshing (not a Greek word, but appropriate). Take lots of photos, eat plenty of great food and drink lots of Greek wines!!!!

Patricia Scarpin


Peter, this salad stack looks good! Really good!

We say a TV show last night and the cook made a Greek salad – my husband went “can you make that for us??” :)

Have a wonderful trip!



Hava a fantastic holiday!
Eat lots of wonderful foods, drink lots of good wine and find great friends!

blue cat | gato azul


The stacked salad won’t stay structured long ;-D but it looks great! I hope you forget all about blogs and just concentrate on Greece and summer! Have a lovely vacation, hope to see you when you come back.



Now if only I can be served all my salads stacked and gorgeous as this one, I swear I eat the rightful amount :)

Have a great time in Greece. Can’t wait to see any pics you take.



Wow, great site Peter! Everything looks so delicious. Have a great vacation and I’ll see you soon.

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen


I love this way of eating, as I am sure you are aware. A feeling of community, laughter and love should always come with the meal! Enjoy your time in Greece!



Lovely salad. I hope you and your loved ones are alright amidst the crazy fires that have swept over our beautiful country.

O Theos mazi sas.