Jalapeno Papoutsakia

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Consider this entry to be my “the Greeks invented everything” post. I’ve taken a sports bar/rec-room staple and I’ve Greekified it.

Jalapeno poppers can be found on the menus of many sports bars, roadhouses and available at the supermarket for home prep.

Papoutsakia are literally translated as “little shoes” and it’s a classic Greek dish of a baked, hollowed-out eggplant half that’s filled with a meat sauce & topped with a Bechamel. I’ve combined both concepts to give you a new Greek appetizer, Jalapeno Papoutsakia. I’m also introducing you to a new Greek cheese, called Manouri.

Manouri is an exceptional traditional Greek whey cheese, and is exclusively manufactured in Central and Western Macedonia and in Thessalia. It is produced from whey of the milk of ewes or goats, or mixture of them, with the addition of milk and cream. The result is a soft rindless cheese with unique taste and flavor, a creamy white color, and a texture like a light cheesecake. It is very smooth and has a fresh, milky, slightly citrus flavor.

You will surely find Manouri at finer Greek delis in your city/town. If not, ask the store to order it. Krinos Foods supplies it to North America.

Jalapeno Papoutsakia

6 Jalapeno peppers, halved, seeded and ribs removed (use gloves to be safe)
3 oz. of crumbled feta cheese

3 oz. of crumbled manouri

1 green onion chopped

1 tsp or dried oregano

2 Tbsp of olive oil

12 strips of roasted re
d peppers

  1. In a bowl, combine your feta, manouri, green onion, oregano and olive oil and use your mixer to incorporate.
  2. Spoon in your mixture into each of the 12 Jalapeno boats and top each with a strip of red pepper.
  3. Place in a preheated 400F oven for 30 minutes and serve warm.

© 2007,
Peter Minakis

. All rights reserved.

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bravo Peter! i dont know if you speak greek, but I’ll try in english.
i found you from greek blogers. Our blog is about creative food too. if you want visit our blog to see what i mean. and who knows, may be you will be one of the contributors of magires.gr, if you like!

go on the good job about greek gastrinomy!

Peter M


Thank you for visiting! Please send me the correct link to your blog to have a look at it.



A new way to do jalapeno poppers. I like it. Where in Toronto can one find Manouri cheese?