Cafe Frappe

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Cafe Frappe (“ka-fay – fra-pay”) is how it’s pronounced and this beverage rivals the oft drank Greek coffee.

This is the Greek version of an ice coffee, simple to make, refreshing and delicious. Play around with the flavours…add some chocolate or french vanilla syrup, top it with whipped cream.

Before I lay out how to make it, you’ll need either a cocktail shaker, frappe shaker or a hand-held mixer. Purists will tell you that only the Greek market Nescafe will do but I find the North Amercian kind to work just as good!

Cafe Frappe

Nescafe instant coffee
evaporated milk/cream


  1. Put 1 Tbsp of instant coffee into your glass or shaker along with 1 Tbsp of sugar and a splash of water.
  2. Shake vigorously or whiz until about almost 1/2 of the shaker/glass is frothed.
  3. Transfer froth to a glass and/or add cold water to almost fill the glass.
  4. Add cream/milk, 1 ice cube and serve with a straw and a glass/bottle of water on the side.

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8 Comments for “Cafe Frappe”



Hey – that’s a great idea, I never thought of trying to make one of these at home, and it looks so simple!



Apart from the fabulous eats and drinks on this site, I enjoy learning the pronunciations.



Peter — There’s something about having one of these in the scorching Greek heat that can be matched.

Alex M


Growing up in Chile, Cafe Frappes were a real treat for my brother and me. There is this great place in downtown Santiago called Café Haití. It’s a real traditional coffee house were business types and people of all sorts stop by and have their espressos standing up. Of course, cigarettes are a big part of the experience. My dad would take us there and we would have frappes, which also come non-caffeinated – strawberry, almond, etc. Sometimes we would have the real deal – frappes de café – and get all wired up…Fast forward to Toronto – just this morning I saw chocolate frappes on the wall menu at Café Uno in the Distillery District!

Peter M


Alex, thanks for the story…pass on some of those recipes and I’ll try them.

As for Cafe Uno, it’s great that Toronto embraces so many diverse foods & bevvies!



We appreciate your posting a valuable introduction to and appreciation of frappé, that sensationally frothy iced coffee, on your blog, Peter. Those who want to plunge deeper into frappé culture can learn about the coffee table book I co-wrote on the subject at Frappé Nation.