Greek Yogurt With Honey & Nuts Parfait

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Skiathos was the very first Greek island I visited. It was back in 1987 and to this day it’s one of my favourite islands because it’s very green, lush with vegetation, small island and town, it’s not one of the more popular and super-crowded Cycladic islands and most importantly it has crystal-clear beaches.

It’s best known beach has to be Koukounaries which is a big sweeping bay with idlyllic Aegean water and this remarkable beach has sand that looks like it has shards of broken glass in it – awesome!

Another thing that triggers my memories of Koukounaries is the wooden stand at the beach that would offer snacks & such, and in particular the strained yogurt with honey and pistachios.

In this instance, I substituted walnuts for pistachios. It’s simple and another reason not to skip breakfast.

Greek Yogurt With Honey & Nuts Parfait

  • you need strained plain yogurt (see my Tzatziki recipe for how-to)
  • good Greek honey, like Attiki
  • crumbled walnuts or pistachios

Simply spoon dollops of the strained yogurt into a bowl, spoon about 2 tbsps. of Greek honey on the yogurt and sprinkle walnuts or pistachios.

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