Weekend Herb Blogging – Lemon Verbena Mojito

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This is my 2nd entry into the Weekend Herb Blogging and from last week’s entries…it’s quite the parade of tasty food!

This week’s hostess is Rachel from Rachel’s Bite and I’d like to thank her in advance for putting up with all the fuss to amass and post the week’s entries.

Today, I thought I would highlight a more obscure herb, not often used but perhaps that can change. I’m showcasing Lemon Verbena. It’s an herb that looks like a small tree and it’s aroma can be described as a minty-lemon. I first encountered lemon verbena in Greece, where it can be found in many gardens. I’ve also learned that it came from the Americas and brought back to Europe by the Spanish (there it is called Luisa). The leaves can be dried and stored to later make a lovely, aromatic herbal tea. Great for those winter colds.

So, keeping with a Spanish theme (Cuban), I thought lemon verbena would be put to good use in a Mojito cocktail! I lifted this cocktail recipe from Bacardi….I’m sure you’ll try one tonight!

Here’s what you’ll need for a single recipe:

1 part white rum
3 parts club soda
12 lemon verbena leaves
3 tsp sugar

Place your lemon verbena leaves, lime and sugar in a glass and muddle with a pestle. Add rum, top off with club soda, stir well and garnish with a leaf and/or lime wheel.

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4 Comments for “Weekend Herb Blogging – Lemon Verbena Mojito”



The woman I’m housesitting for planted some lemon verbena earlier in the year. Apart from walking by, breaking off a leaf, smelling it, and going “mmm… pretty…”, I wasn’t really sure what to do with it – until now. Thanks for the inspiration!

Peter M


That’s great Paige! Ask your neighbor if you can also save some leaves to dry out. They make a wonderful tea as well.



Mmmm, sounds like a great use for lemon verbena. I grew it once but never did find many recipes for it.