Braised Cuttlefish with Tomatoes & Capers


    Braised Cuttlefish with Tomatoes & Capers

    Cuttlefish belong to the squid and octopus family and they look like a larger squid with a wider, bigger body, longer wings than squid and shorter tentacles. You could use large squid for this recipe but cuttlefish work better as the tentacle is thicker and therefore holds up better to heat. Here in Toronto, fresh […]

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Greek Food Gazette 13/04/2014 Greek Food Gazette 13/04/2014

Feta cheese, the essence of Greek cuisine First stop: Peter Minakis’ Athens Jennifer Gilmore peels back the layers of Naxos Here’s  recap of the food served at the White House for Greek Independence Day Here’s a list of the top restaurants to visit in Athens Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for […]

Paximadia With Figs, Star Anise & Walnuts Paximadia With Figs, Star Anise & Walnuts

I came up with this recipe after having an epiphany that I must once again have and enjoy the flavour combo of walnuts and figs […]

Greek Easter Recipe Round-Up Greek Easter Recipe Round-Up

Many of you have visited my Recipe Round-Up for Lent and I hope that I’ve helped you find some interesting dishes to break-up the monotony of the usual Lenten fare. We’re fast approaching Greek Easter and preparations are already beginning in my household! Greek Easter is centered around lamb or goat and the whole day […]

Phyllo Beggar’s Purses With Greens Phyllo Beggar’s Purses With Greens

I made these appetizer-sized phyllo bites last month for my Lenten Greek Supper Club. These look pretty and they really aren’t too hard to assemble but the filling was a challenge. You see, I had to make a filling that would be flavourful, vegetarian (for Lent) and come up with an ingredient that would bind […]


Broiled Lobster Tails With Oil Lemon Sauce Broiled Lobster Tails With Oil Lemon Sauce

With winter finally giving way to warmer weather – that means we can enjoy the outdoors more and that means cooking and entertaining outside as well. Ladies and gentlemen, start your grills – it’s time to cook some lobster tails. Many grocery stores and fish mongers sell these frozen tails and they are very easy […]

G.F.C. Greek Fried Chicken G.F.C. Greek Fried Chicken

When my parents came from Greece to live here, they were exposed to many new flavours, dishes that were foreign – not Greek. My father worked all his life in restaurants that served what was then a mostly Anglo-Saxon Toronto. My mother worked with other immigrant in factories, with English women who were already in […]

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Greek Independence Day Supper Club Recap Greek Independence Day Supper Club Recap

March 25th is a double celebration for Greece – both a historical and a religious one. Greeks celebrate the beginning of the struggle for independence from the Ottomans in 1821. The Greek-Orthodox church celebrates the Annunciation by Archangel Gabriel to Virgin Mary, and that she should become the mother of Christ. Forty guests attended this […]

Kalofagas Greek Carnival Feast Recap Kalofagas Greek Carnival Feast Recap

This past Tuesday, I hosted my second Greek Supper Club that celebrated Greek Carnival with a meat-heavy menu. The dinner this time was at Megas Restaurant on the Danforth and I like to thank Nikos Kostis for once again opening up his kitchen to allow me to cook for the evening’s guests. A sold out […]


First Stop: Peter Minakis’ Athens First Stop: Peter Minakis’ Athens

I was recently approached by the folks of Culinary Backstreets to share with their readers where I would eat upon immediately arriving in Athens. The site’s focus is to explore a city’s authentic dining scene and they offer gastronomic walking tours of Istanbul, Barcelona, Rio, Mexico City, Shanghai and Athens. Click on the link and […]

Longing For a Greek Breakfast Longing For a Greek Breakfast

For the past few years, there has been a movement in Greece to showcase authentic Greek breakfast items. Emphasis has been given to hotels, inns and restaurants that are frequented by tourists. This is being done because if you’ve visited Greece (and the rest of Europe), you may have had one of those “continental breakfasts”…you […]


Greek Lent (Sarakosti) Recipe Round-up Greek Lent (Sarakosti) Recipe Round-up

      As a convenience to the many readers of this blog, I’ve amassed all the Lenten (and Lent-friendly) dishes that I have posted thus far. Most of the dishes are Greek and appropriate for Lent and some are foreign but due to their ingredients, they fit in nicely with the Greek Lent in […]

Arogaia Rain-Fed Herbs From Greece Arogaia Rain-Fed Herbs From Greece

I love receiving packages – it could be a new cookbook I ordered or a package with some unique product sent to me by the many friends I have around the world. Such was the case yesterday when a package arrived from Greece, containing dried herbs from Arogaia, a new company. Many of the herbs […]