Baked Mushrooms Stuffed With Kefalotyri Cheese


    Baked Mushrooms Stuffed With Kefalotyri Cheese

    This appetizer was served this past Sunday at my Naoussa-themed Greek Supper Club featuring Thymiopoulos Wines. It’s a rich little bit but ohhh so delicious. This offering is an appetizer so a little decadence is okay and besides, this is an easy appetizer to serve for the coming holiday season. Basically we’re stuffing mushroom caps […]

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Lamb Two-Ways Lamb Two-Ways

Here’s a dish for a special occasion/dinner or something to prepare on the weekends. It’s Lamb Two Ways…not really that hard, just an extra step when preparing the lamb.What I’ve done here is separate the ribs from the loin from a Frenched rack of lamb that I bought from my butcher. If you’re not too […]

Roast Lamb Chops & Potatoes Roast Lamb Chops & Potatoes

This is a Greek food site – here you’re going to get many offerings of lamb. This past summer during my vacation in Greece, we celebrated August 15th (Panagias) with a feast of grilled lamb chops. I bought too many from the butcher and I froze the rest. Fast forward to early September and out […]

Easy Tyropitakia in a Pan Easy Tyropitakia in a Pan

While here in Greece, many leave the city for their ancestral town/village or they head to their summer homes/vacation spot. It could be the mountains […]

Octopus Ravioli Octopus Ravioli

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you know that I love octopus and if you love Greek food or have visited Greece – you know octopus is cooked in array of ways from braised to grilled, roasted to pickled. When one buys an octopus, you get eight tentacles and the head. Everything but […]


Baked Oysters Onassis Baked Oysters Onassis

This is my Greek take on Oysters Rockefeller, a dish so rich that it was named after the wealthy Rockefeller family in the US. This dish originated in New Orleans and up to the 80′s it appeared on many steak and seafood restaurant menus. My Greek take on this classic includes use of a Bechamel, […]

Loukaniko Gemisto Loukaniko Gemisto

Sometimes foods sound better in a different language than English, like this one. “Loukaniko| means sausage in Greek and “Gemisto” means stuffed – put the two together and you get a stuffed sausage. Allow me to explain: I was in Toronto’s Greektown, stopped to see my friends at Megas on the Danforth (near Chester Subway). […]

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Recap of Thymiopoulos Dinner Recap of Thymiopoulos Dinner

This past Sunday, I cooked a meal inspired from the cuisine of Naoussa to complement the wines of Thymiopoulos Vineyards. Our guests loved the wines and the Moschato Tsipouro from Tirnavo. My thanks go out to Apostolos Thymiopoulos and Nicole Artopoulos of Victory Wines here in Toronto. The dinner was set in Toronto’s St. Lawrence […]

An Evening of Greek Country Cooking An Evening of Greek Country Cooking

  I am delighted to announce An Evening of Greek Country Cooking at The Urban Pantry, Uxbridge’s contemporary Canadian eatery, nestled in the country, just 45 minutes from the city. Greek-owned and supporters of the Kalofagas Supper Clubs, I am looking forward to sharing these comforting Greek dishes on Sunday, November 16th. Together we’ll enjoy […]


Cultural Village of Pyrgos, Santorini Cultural Village of Pyrgos, Santorini

If you’re like me, you’re the type of traveler that needs simple, comfortable accommodations with a shower, comfortable, bathroom, a central location and some air conditioning (for those hot summer days). When I’m in Greece, I’m not spending time in my room but rather I’m out exploring, experiencing, eating and drinking. Such is the case […]

Voreina Gallery Suites, Pyrgos, Santorini Voreina Gallery Suites, Pyrgos, Santorini

If you were to ask people what images first pop-up in their mind when told to think about Greece, the immediate responses are  “Athens, Parthenon, the Aegean, donkeys, Moussaka, museums, Zorba and Santorini”. I have been to Santorini three times – the first time was in 1988 and although a bustling tourist destination, most of […]


Pickled Grapes With Manouri Cheese and Salad Greens Pickled Grapes With Manouri Cheese and Salad Greens

Last week I hosted my latest Greek Supper Club, this time the venue was at St. Lawrence Market, Toronto’s world famous central market. The dinner theme was Greek dishes with some Canadian twists. Greek eating and drinking has been centered around wine since ancient times but there’s always some new twists to be added so […]

Sesame Halva Balls Sesame Halva Balls

In Greece, we love our Halvah but the definition can be a little confusing, as there are a few different varieties. One kind of halva […]